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To develop, a person simply needs to learn. You just need to observe living beings and discover that by their behavior they can give us a lot, teach us how to survive, which in human conditions means success.

Bloody face. Little lion cubs will teach us this life lesson. These creatures are simply forced to learn quickly. And their mentors are excellent - experienced huge lions. Here, in the wild, there are no textbooks, no negotiations - just practice. Lion cubs know that it is impossible to learn how to hunt without staining their muzzle with blood. In practice, people want to achieve results and not get their hands dirty. We sit at a desk, and some "hares" in civilized costumes teach us how to hunt. But theory is inconceivable without practice. It is worse when people refuse to study at all, locking themselves at home. As a result, when it comes time to go to work, the very “smell of blood” scares you, not to mention the lack of necessary skills.

Stream lesson. This lesson in success is taught by fish. These creatures often swim against the tide, this behavior is correct, although it does not find understanding among many. But the fish does this not because of its stupidity and not in order to complicate its life. This direction of movement will allow her to pass the maximum amount of water past her. As a result, the fish will be able to capture more oxygen and more food. Thanks to this, her life will become much richer. Man, unlike fish, prefers to swim with the current in a calm and uniform stream. As a result, together 40 years of life experience, we gain 40 times one-year experience. Most find it difficult to leave their comfort zone, but then there will be surprise that life has rewarded a small number of opportunities. But in order to participate and win in the lottery of life, you must first buy a ticket.

Lesson in realistic focus. And the woodpecker will teach us this lesson. Yes, yes, the one who bangs his head against a tree. However, in this activity, the bird is very, very successful. The woodpecker is a realist, he does not try to break a tree with one blow and in half, which is typical for many people. The bird is focused on the set goal - it does not knock on the tree from all sides, but monotonously hits the same place, moving step by step towards its prey. People are not ready to be content with little, they want everything at once and not inside a dense tree, but on the surface. But while some are looking for such fatty prey, the woodpecker gets its small food step by step.

Wag your tail first. The dog gives us this social lesson. The 21st century is in the yard, it is no longer what you do that matters, but how you motivate people. The dog is a great role model. She does not wag her tail when she was brought home, fed and warmed. The dog is the first to share his feelings, in return and wants to caress him. This is how the dog gets what it wants. She does not force people to give her anything; by her disposition, she makes it so that we ourselves want to do it.

Don't cry. The snake shares this lesson with the person. Think for yourself - she has no arms or legs, she has poor eyesight, she was born in "ideal conditions", her parents stopped caring from the very moment of birth. Many people would be discouraged by this combination of circumstances. But the snake manages with the little that nature has awarded it. As a result, many (including humans) are even afraid of this disabled animal. And if the snake doesn't like something, it can shed its skin and continue living in a renewed form.

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