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Everyone loves to travel. After all, you can return with vivid impressions and a bunch of photos, or you can tell how you had to look for your lost luggage.

The starting and ending point of the journey is the airport. And knowledge of some secrets, on the contrary, will increase the comfort of the trip.

Find out the location of the airport. It is worth knowing in advance all the information about the location of the airport and the transport routes to it. Is it far from the city, what buses go from here, how much does a taxi cost? Then, upon arrival in an unfamiliar place, it will be possible to deal directly with the further transfer, and not try to find out in confusion what to do next.

Save a screenshot of your boarding pass. If check-in is carried out using a mobile device, it will be better to save a screenshot of the boarding pass. A great place for him is the folder with pictures in the device. You should not rely only on the airline's mobile application; moreover, problems with Internet access may occur at the airport.

Print your boarding pass. And although in our age electronic means are decisive, a smartphone and e-mail will provide any communication, it will be useful to insure yourself. The phone can fail - it can be discharged or even lost.

Make acquaintances with experienced travelers. Credit cards can be used to receive bonuses at some airports. For example, it could be free access to the lounge. Travel friends can share a card that will allow you to get some bonuses. Agree, it's nice to take a taxi from home to the airport for free. Traveling with the right company is also great. Friends will take you to the same lounge, where you can flip through fashion magazines, grab a bite to eat with free cookies and catch the envious glances of other tourists.

Avoid boarding queues. Even the largest airports can be congested during the holidays or vacation seasons. In such a situation, you should not panic from the sight of huge queues. It is better to spend hours not in them, but in a cafe with an interesting book. Usually, in the event of such time trouble, those passengers whose departure is about to take place are admitted to check without a queue. So just sit back and relax, so that you can then go straight to the front of the line.

Communication in queues. If you are really in a hurry and running late, you can ask the airport employee to check in the order of highest priority. If such a step does not bring results, then why not just ask people in line to help and skip? Kind words usually work.

Hide jewelry away. When checking for safety, it is best not to risk ringing the detector. Having sent keys, watches and phones to the container, it is worth taking off the jewelry. Earrings, rings and watches may cause delays. Few people enjoy watching with passion in front of the public.

Take an empty plastic bag. For packaging small cosmetics, a clasp bag or plastic bag is suitable. Some airports force you to purchase special packaging for such things. So let her be with her right away.

Avoid queuing with children. As practice shows, at those checkpoints where only adults are queuing up, work goes faster.

Put on clean socks. Before starting a trip, it is worth checking whether the socks are the same on your feet, whether they are without holes and how they look. You may have to take off your shoes, but you don't want to blush.

Fly at a time when you can drink alcohol. While waiting for your flight, you can quietly sip alcohol from a flask. Better to buy tickets for a time when you can relax. If the plane leaves at 6 in the morning, then there will be no time to drink.

Set an alarm before departure. Waiting for your flight in the departure area can easily get lost in time and space. Alcohol is especially lulling. It is worth setting an alarm clock on your phone, which will signal that it is time to wake up and start actively preparing for departure.

Entertain children. It is worth paying attention to the children who travel with you. We need to think about how to entertain them. If they can spend hours on a tablet, then it's worth making sure the games are ready and the device is charged. This will help distract attention and provide peace of mind in the waiting room. Children will not be seen or heard behind the games. It is best to give each child their own backpack, where they will put their toys, paper and pencils for drawing, and personal belongings. This approach will help save on slot machines, which are so attractive for children at airports.

To work. Instead of wasting hours waiting for boarding, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network and work. If you don't have a laptop at hand, then you can read the entire business magazine, think over the information received. Someone shines shoes, and someone is engaged in the acquisition of things that are already needed on the trip. It is not worth sitting still, because you can do something for which there was always not enough time before.

Transfer to business class. We must try not to get on the plane as long as possible. It is best to do this at the moment when the end of landing message begins to sound. And if there are free seats in the business class cabin, you can take one of them. And then it remains to hope that the flight attendants will not notice this trick. Sometimes it works.

Make a good impression on border guards and immigration officials. The speed of passing control depends on these people. Communication with them does not always go smoothly. Somewhere the procedure is formal and takes minutes, while in other countries a whole interview is conducted in a separate room. Before communicating with border guards, you must dress with dignity, speak correctly and clearly, look the officer in the eye. It is worth answering questions to the point and honestly, especially about the place of residence and renting a car. At such a moment, joking and messing with a mobile phone is not worth it. It is better to have money in the form of a small amount of cash, and keep the rest on a credit card. Border guards can easily ask if there is enough money for the trip. And you cannot say that you have come to the country to work. The phrase about meeting with business partners is perceived much better.

Look around before leaving. In a bar, cafe, shop and departure area, always before leaving, you should look around and check if something important has been left behind - a wallet, a bag, documents. It is better to find them at this moment than later.

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