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Stendrup's Law

The sooner you fall behind others, the more time you will have to catch up with them.

Wagner's law on sports photography

When an athlete is shown close-up, he either spits, or picks his nose, or itches.

Doerr's locker room law

In any changing room, two people have adjacent lockers.

The sage's lament

Fools rush in and take the best places.

Brad's rules

In any case, the people whose seats are farthest from the aisle are the last to arrive.

Moser's Law on Sports Fans

The most interesting moments of the game arise when you gaze at the scoreboard or go for ice cream.

Morrey's arena laws

1. There is nothing wrong that will not get worse if you remove the trainer.

2. A bad defender is the one who is there.

3. Hockey is a game with six players and a home team.

4. Anyone who can move to New York will do it.

Knox's principle of star quality

Once on your favorite team, the superstar fades. As soon as your team sells a weak player, he immediately becomes a superstar.

Herzberg's first law of hang gliding

Never let go of what you are holding until something else falls into your hands.

Leyve's Law of Tennis

The middle class player will drop to the level of his opponent.

Rally law

The only way to come to terms with the fact that you are lost is to keep a record of the time until you find your way.

Deal's laws on sailing

1. The strength of the wind is inversely proportional to the number and experience of the people you take on the yacht.

2. No matter how strong the wind is when you set out to sea, it will practically disappear when you have already sailed far enough from the port.

Porkingham Fishing Laws

1. As the fishing season approaches, free time becomes less and less.

2. The most inexperienced fisherman will catch the largest fish.


The better and more expensive the equipment of the fisherman, the more chances he has on the way home to go to the fish market.

3. The more the line gets tangled, the more fish will appear around you.

Michel's Law for Future Climbers

The mountain gets steeper and steeper as you approach it.

Frotingham's Corollary

The mountain seems closer to you than it really is.

Schedenhelm's backpack law

In the backpack everything is provided for climbing the mountain, but almost nothing for descending from it.

The principle of poker

Never show card tricks to people you play poker with.

Thomas law

The one who plays with the least desire wins.

Todd's first law

If all odds are the same for everyone, you will lose.


If all odds are in your favor, you will still lose.

Jensen's Law

Win or lose - for you it is still a loss.

J. David's Law

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, only if you lose.

Gilbert's Law

Wherever you park your car, your seats will be on the other side of the stadium.

Anton's law

When the administration lowers the price of tickets, the cost of parking increases.

Stadium service principle

The quality of food and service is inversely proportional to the number of alternative sources available.


When there is only one owner of kiosks and buffets, the price will be sky-high.

Emily's Rule for Important Sports Events

The more expectations are associated with a sporting event, the less exciting it will be.

The Laws of Football by Doc Martin.

1. The most beautiful goal scored by your team will not be counted due to some minor infraction.

2. After hitting your opponents, the ball will fly into the goal against the bar; after hitting your team, the ball will fly past the bar.

3. The most valuable player on your team will be the first to be replaced due to injury.

Griegs law

On the day when you show off your special skill, your team will lose their meeting.

Las Vegas law

The probability of winning is inversely proportional to the size of your bet.

Irv's Law of Golf

Any improvement in swing technique will only last for three holes.

Taylor's principle for punching out stalemates

Any putt is straightforward as long as you hit the ball hard enough.

Bentonadil Golf Law

The demo and training clubs are only open until you purchase a membership.

Anderson's Law of Golf

The player who, after the first hit, is farthest from the ball holder, will be the farthest from the hole after the second hit.

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