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Extended Murphy's Law

If several troubles can happen, they occur in the most unfavorable sequence.

Extension of Murphy's Law by Gattuso

There is no such bad situation that couldn't get worse.

Schnatterly's generalization of the implications

Even though trouble cannot happen, it does happen.

Silverman's paradox

If Murphy's Law might not work, it won't.

Farnsdieck's Corollary from Corollary 5

After the turn of events from bad to worse, the cycle will repeat itself.

Lynch's law

When situations become threatening, everything is washed away.

Evans and Bjorn's law

No matter what kind of trouble happens, there will always be someone who knew that it would be so.

Longsham's laws

1. Everything is interdependent.
2. Nothing lasts forever.
3. Everything happens sometimes.

The law of exposure

All secrets are revealed.

Helrang's law

Wait - and the bad will disappear by itself.

Extension proposed by Shavelson

... causing damage.

Grelb's Supplement

If the situation was unfavorable, it will repeat itself.

Incorrect Citation of H.L. Menkin's Law by Grossman

Complex problems always have simple, easy-to-understand wrong solutions.

Flagg's Law

When you need to knock on wood, you discover that the world is made of aluminum and plastic.

The law of unreasonable dirt conservation

To clean one, you need to get dirty.

Freeman's expansion

... but you can get everything dirty without cleaning anything.

Boob's law

What you are looking for can only be found by searching everything. You need to start your search from the most inappropriate place.

Marianne's law

You always find what you were not looking for.

Rune rules

If you don't care where you are, then you are not lost.

Coit-Murphy thesis on the power of negative thinking

An optimist cannot be surprised by good news.

Fergusson's rule

The situation becomes irreversible when it is no longer possible to say: "Let's forget everything!"

The Law of Non-Reverse Action

You can't make it rain by washing your car.

Direct action

As soon as you wash your car, it will rain.

Murphy's saving grace

The worst is the enemy of the bad.

The main paradox

An optimist believes that we live in the best of worlds. The pessimist fears that this is the case.

Neysdre's law

You can make protection from the fool, but only from the uninventive.

Keufman's first airport law

The distance to the gate is directly proportional to the time it takes to get to the flight.

Rogers Laws

1. As soon as the stewardess spreads the coffee, the plane will vibrate.

Davis's explanation of Rogers' law

Dispensing coffee causes the aircraft to vibrate.

2. Whichever transporter you are at the airport, your luggage will appear on the other.

Angus exchange axiom

When you travel abroad, the currency buying rate will decrease the next day after you bought it.


Upon returning home, the exchange rate will rise once you have exchanged all unused foreign currency.

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