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Foster's first law

Ads are always less relevant than their creators think.

Foster's second law

It is much easier to create an advertisement for a Unique Selling Proposition than a product with this quality.

Foster's third law

The advertising campaign strategy appears only after some time has elapsed after the start of the campaign.

Foster's fourth law

Advertisers never get the end result in the form in which they expect it to be, agencies never do all the work they set out to do.

Foster's fifth law

Any advertising campaign costs more

what the client can afford;

less than people in the creative department expected;

about the kind that accountants feared with horror.

Foster's Business Reading Law

Business newspapers are read for one of five reasons:

1. Learn gossip.

2. Check if the fictitious version has been printed.

3. Make sure that the true story is not made public.

4. Read taunts about current or just fashion campaigns.

5. See job advertisements.

Foster's Overarching Objective

Advertising is needed for products because they:

1. Not much different from each other.

2. Most people don't.

The overriding task of Foster's advertising agencies

You cannot satisfy all people all the time, but the business of advertising agencies is to try to do this.

Foster's biographical addition

Advertising folks who really started in the mail-handling room always forget to mention that the entire agency was owned by his brilliant relative back then.

Foster's winning method

To win an award at the festival, you must become a member of the awards jury of the previous year. And reward whoever can be selected for this year's award jury.

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