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Meaning of the name

Alfreda translated from Old English means "advice, decision, intelligence, wisdom", literally "good counselor". In French (Alfrea) it means "discreet".


The character from childhood is impulsive, painful, they have weak lungs and throat. They study well at school, obedient, strong in mathematics and history. Not standing out at first in anything among their peers, they subsequently become leaders.

Outwardly similar to the father, temperament to the mother. He loves to be among adults more than among his peers, is more friends with his father than with his mother.

They prefer activities related to movement. Having a choleric character, they always argue with mothers, trying to prove their case. They wear bright clothes and in any company they like to be in full view of everyone.

Brave, artistic - they love to perform, sing, dance. In life, only "winter" ones are hard - they are impatient and irritable, besides, they are notorious disputants, inclined to pour from empty to empty.

Even at school, peers begin to look after them; they are authoritative, kind, love to help defenseless people. In life, many difficulties and failures await them, but at such moments they are able to get together, no matter what happens, and not be very upset.

They do not marry for a long time, because they make great demands on future husbands. Calm husbands are chosen. They like to live separately from their mother-in-law. Children of different sexes are born.

Alfreds love to travel. They are excellent housewives, they cook deliciously, they know how to sew. They love to chat on the phone for a long time. Coffee women. They have more friends than men. They do not like to wash dishes. They can move the furniture endlessly until they are installed to their liking. They like to go to concerts of popular pop music.

Those born in the summer have increased sexual excitability, and this entails many difficulties. They get married several times, but do not regret it.

Brave and reasonable at the same time. Devoted to loved ones. They do not impose their opinions on anyone. They love to argue and prove their own. In adulthood, they are very amorous. Selfish and independent, they have a strong "wanderlust". They love to teach. They treat their parents very well, they always help them.

Where by cunning, where diplomacy, as well as thanks to extraordinary diligence, they achieve a strong position in society. Often they cannot reveal their talent for a long time, they will try many professions until they find themselves. Emotional and stubborn.


Strong and challenging. Here and calculation, and spontaneity, fears and sensuality. Alfreda is firmly convinced that she knows everything well, for this she has reason, for she always relies on common sense. People with this type of character know perfectly well where the limit is, to which one can act, and where one should stop and not go beyond the boundaries of what is permitted.

She is one of those women who are young and hot all their lives. Alfreda has a rare ability to penetrate into the world of a lover's feelings, and if she sees love in his eyes, her own feeling for him kindles with renewed vigor.

Not every man can satisfy this ardent woman, she often has no luck with partners. But Alfreda is able not to show her displeasure, she soberly analyzes the reasons for failure, tries to simulate the sexual behavior of her partner. She is very sensitive to erotic play, without her she cannot reach the peak of pleasure.


Brick scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Gemini.


The sound of the name Alfred gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, light, majestic, light, courageous, strong, brave, powerful, big, bright, joyful.

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