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Meaning of the name

Alberta in translation from ancient German means "noble".


Alberta is a "father's daughter", she is very similar to her father and therefore is especially loved by him. Many of the girl's character traits are maternal. She is mobile, restless, inventive in pranks and a great inventor. Little Alya not only loves to listen to fairy tales, but also composes them herself.

Glimpses of that despotism begin to appear in her early (if she chooses a girlfriend, she will demand that she not dare to "hang out" with anyone else), which will later drive her loved ones crazy. She has a particularly difficult relationship with her mother.

Alberts, born in winter, are stubborn, excitable and capricious, for no particular reason they can "take a pose". A heightened sense of justice gives them a lot of trouble. These seemingly weak women have an unyielding will. They enjoy the success of men and do not stay long in girls. In the morning they like to soak up the bed (they are "owls").

Summer-born, on the other hand, are early birds; they are kind-hearted, flexible, very sensitive and emotional. An insignificant success leads them into stormy delight, and a trifling failure literally plunges them into a mood of mourning. But usually they are cheerful, easy-going women.

Spring Alberta has almost no problems in her life, except for one - to get married. This is a dreamy woman, inconstant in her desires, who draws in her imagination a handsome prince and tries to find his likeness in life. She spends most of the time at home, in endless phone calls with numerous friends.

Once married, these women devote themselves entirely to the family. They try to take the reins into their own hands, but, as a rule, these attempts do not end in anything. They have a weakness for fortune telling and fortune telling. They love beautiful dishes.

Too analytical. Their eyes do not miss anything. Thanks to their cuteness and charm, they can win over not only loved ones to their side. Bearers of this name very often all start from scratch, neither marriage, nor maturity that has come are not an obstacle for them.


Excitability is strong, which, fortunately, is balanced by a titanic will. Very picky. They love only what belongs to them. Morality is not too strict. It seems to them that they have the right to dispose of moral principles and change them at their discretion.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Fish.


The sound of Albert's name gives the impression of something heavy, courageous, cold, powerful, big.

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