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Meaning of the name

Anita translated from Greek means "merciful".


In childhood, she was nervous, irritable, stubborn. Susceptible to infectious diseases. The weak points of the body are the eyes and stomach, and this must be constantly remembered. Yoga classes and outdoor walks are recommended.

At school, teachers often complain about her - Anita is obstinate, she likes to insist on her own, argue on any occasion, not recognizing the authorities. In general, Anita's character is rather masculine, although she inherits it from her mother. Outwardly, the girl looks like her father and is more attached to him than to her mother, treats him with great tenderness.

Anita is a leader by nature and demands that she be unconditionally obeyed in everything. If she does not succeed, she loses her temper. She is very independent and independent, in any difficult life situation she will be able to stand up for herself. Not from a timid dozen. He goes in for sports a lot, but does not achieve noticeable success.

Some of the Anita are gifted with great musical ability and succeed in this area.

They get married late. The husband is chosen calm, docile and solid. The most difficult and quarrelsome character of the "winter".

They choose the profession of an architect, musician, singer, artist, nurse, journalist, but often they do not work in their chosen profession.

It is enough to look into the eyes of a girl with this name in order to understand what the look of our foremother Eve was like: they have the passion of the first morning rays. They are very impudent - real tomboys, they watch for the victim, like their totem animal lynx. Growing up, they give the impression of people with some kind of secret knowledge, reading the book of life.

Introverts, unaffected, have an incredible memory. The will is strong. Anita wants to have everything. And immediately! Believes only in himself.

Strong excitability, which, fortunately, is balanced by a titanic will. The type is hot and hot. These women show resistance to everyone, which often hinders them in life. They are vindictive, proud, conflicted and scandalous. They do not listen to other people's advice, no matter how useful they are.

They are guided by clairvoyance. They anticipate, guess, envelop you with their charm. Men are very quickly convinced of this.

Too analytical. Their lynx eyes miss nothing. Thanks to their cuteness and charm, they can win over not only loved ones to their side.

They have fragile bones and a very "impressionable" stomach. We do not advise you to neglect your diet and eat late. There are possible accidents related to vehicles. In childhood, you need to watch your eyes.


Not too strict. It seems to them that they have the right to dispose of moral principles and change them at their discretion.

Very picky. They love only what belongs to them. Anita is a queen who needs her subjects.

Sex for them is all or nothing. All - when they love. Nothing - when they don't love.


Pale pink.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Anita gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, light, brave, big, bright, joyful.

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