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Meaning of the name

Anna translated from Hebrew means "grace", "God's mercy", "pretty", "pretty".


In Anna, from early childhood, her main quality is manifested - kindness. She is happy to take care of kittens, puppies, birds. While playing with his dolls, he treats them as if they were younger children.

At an older age, she is able to provide serious assistance to her loved ones who are in a difficult situation. Will help an old neighbor with purchases and housework. The worries of people close to her become her worries. The surrounding people often abuse this, but Anna is not offended.

Wherever she studies or works, she is never the last, teachers and bosses find reliable support in her, while the envy of her friends does not threaten her, because Anna and justice are almost synonyms.

Anna often has an attractive appearance, she is artistic. Knows how to sew and dress beautifully. Cannot stand sloppiness and untidiness. Anna is more suited to the spirit of work related to people. She may well be a sister of mercy, teacher, educator. He gives himself up to work completely, not caring about the material side of the matter.

Anna is able to fall in love with someone who is sick, drinking or a loser. However, she will never regret her choice. She will meekly carry her cross throughout her life, striving to help the unfortunate person. He will try to awaken in him the thirst for life and the desire to fight for a place in the sun.

Anna is a faithful and devoted wife, but does not tolerate betrayal. If he is faced with rudeness and rudeness, then he withdraws into himself and patiently waits for better times. The test of loneliness associated with a possible divorce is not always preferable to Anna's trampled dignity.

Since childhood, health is not very good. She usually has fragile bones. At school age, vision may deteriorate. Located to completeness. Joint problems may occur. Flat feet. She needs a lot of fresh air, long sleep, long walks. The weak point is the lungs and bronchi, so smoking is strictly prohibited.

Anna's first marriage is often unsuccessful - and this unsettles her for a long time. Faithful and devoted wife, does not tolerate betrayal. If he is faced with rudeness and rudeness, then he withdraws into himself and patiently waits until better times.

The test of loneliness associated with a possible divorce is not always preferable to Anna's trampled dignity. Husbands, children and homeless puppies live with Anna, like in Christ's bosom.

Conscientious, works with extraordinary devotion, to the point of self-forgetfulness. In spirit, she is most suited to work related to people. Giving himself completely to work, he does not care about the material side of the matter. she is caring, but spends energy not on herself, on the well-being of those who are dear to her heart.


It is useless to seduce or persecute Anna with love - she herself will make a choice. With other men, she will be cold and unapproachable. This woman is capricious and demanding, not every man will be able to adapt to changes in her mood.

Anna can have a husband and a lover at the same time, believing that she is faithful to both. She is able to give her lover all the wealth of voluptuousness, provided that he does not restrain her impulses and gives her complete freedom of action. She views her body as a valuable instrument that only a virtuoso can appreciate.

She likes to have sex for a long time, enjoying its separate phases and complete liberation: after a stormy night, Anna remains excited for several days. She is not interested in primitive quick sex. All this is true to a greater extent for "winter" women.

Born in summer, she is calmer, her sexual behavior is restrained. This does not mean that she is frigid, not excitable enough, just the ideas instilled in her from childhood about the extent of permissibility in intimate relationships do not allow her to relax and realize her sexual capabilities.

For Anna, who was born in the fall, everything depends on her mood: she can be active, enthusiastically indulge in love games or indifferent, if necessary, fulfilling her marital duties.

For Anna, born in spring, sex is a way to always be in shape, maintain her health, and feel the fullness of life. If need be, maybe, like a professional actress, play a fiery passion. She is endowed with subtle humor and healthy emotions.

He does not like to change partners, because not with everyone it reaches a climax. Having met someone who is able to bring her to a state of ecstasy, she becomes attached for a long time.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Fish, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Anna gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, powerful, big, slow, active, bright, joyful.

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