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Meaning of the name

The female version of the name Borislav means "fighting for glory."


A girl with this beautiful and rather rare name is her mother's favorite, although she is more attached to her father. As a child, she is capricious, with poor appetite, is often sick and misses school. Reads a lot, participates in school circles - choral and drama.

She is modest, indecisive and somewhat shy. With age, Borislava's character changes, she becomes touchy, stubborn, vindictive. Many consider her to be cunning and too calculating - she will not step a step without comprehensively thinking everything over.

Good, hospitable housewives and exemplary wives, although they don't get along with their mother-in-law and try to live away from her.

By profession, Borislavs are usually teachers, doctors, dressmakers, artists, engineers.

For those born in winter, fate is difficult, nevertheless, they are kind and will willingly come to the rescue. Talented, but talent often remains unfulfilled. They do not like to be in the thick of things and try to keep in the background.


Borislava does not have a pronounced sexual personality, usually she does not cause strong sexual emotions in men and does not always experience physical passion herself. To light it, a man must have unique abilities.

This does not mean at all that she is not given to know violent erotic experiences, she is capable of them, but first it takes a long time to adapt to her partner. It is this, as well as the ideas about the norm of sexual behavior instilled in her from childhood, that explains the fact that she does not change her partners, she becomes attached to a man seriously and for a long time.

Borislav perceives the infidelity of his beloved as a life disaster, after which he cannot recover for a long time. Experiencing erotic emotions, she feels a sense of the deepest harmony with the world around her, loves that her partner not only spoke to her affectionate words, but also poured out his feelings in these words, describing her dignity.

Borislav receives complete sexual satisfaction when he orgasms with his partner, but he perceives it as a unique sensation, incomprehensible bliss, only if he has a deep feeling for his partner.

Loving a man, Borislava feels more tenderness for him than passion - a kind of maternal feelings. She is capable of caressing him, giving him all the variety of erotic sensations, without feeling any desire herself, out of only the need to give her beloved happiness.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Cancer, Pisces.


The sound of the name of Borislav gives the impression of something good, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, fast, active, bright, joyful.

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