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Iordan - flowing down
Alexander is the protector of humanity
Andong is invaluable
Andrey is a man, a warrior
Apostle - apostle, messenger
Asen - healthy, safe
Atanas - immortal

Bogdan - a gift from God
Bogomil - the grace of god
Bojidar - a divine gift
Bozidar - a divine gift
Borislav - the glory of the battle
Branimir - protection and peace

Vasil is the king

Gavril - the strong man of God
Gavrail - the mighty man of God

Damian - taming, subduing
Danale - God is my judge
Desislav - glory
Georgie the Farmer
Dimitar - earth lover

Zhivko - alive

Zachary - God remembers

Ivan is a good god
Iveilo - wolf
Elijah - god is my lord
Ilya - god is my lord
John is a good god
Joseph - adding, multiplying
Jordan - flowing down

Kaloyan - handsome
Karliman is a man
Cyril - Lord
Crastayo - cross

Lazarus - my god helped
Luben - love
Love is love
Lubomyr - the world of love
Lyudmil - dear to people

Momchil - boy, youth

Nicephorus - bringing victory
Nikola - victory of people

Ognian - fire
Ognyan - fire

Penko - rock, stone
Petar - rock, stone
Playmn - fire, flame

Radko - happy

Sava is an old man
Samuel - heard by God
Savior - saved
Stanimir - a peaceful ruler
Stoyan - standing

Timotheus - God Worshiper
Todor - a gift from God
Tom is a twin
Tsvetan - flower

Philip the horse lover

Christ - carrying the cross

Chavdar - leader

Jan is a good god
Yanko is a good god

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