Male Chamorro (Guam Island) names

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Aktassi - the one who shares the sea
Anget - angel

Bendizion - Blessed

Guafi - fire
Guifi - the dreamer
Guaya - love

Ina - illuminating
Inapo - wave

Cadassi - having something of the sea
Cantite - cliff
Kerihi - correct

Lanjit - Heaven
Layakna - sail
Lay - friend, man, law

Mageicht - honest, truthful
Mahoyu - strong, tough
Menhalom - smart, intelligent
Mames - sweet
Map - fiery, hot

Napo - wave, surf
Napona - wave
Neno - beloved, dear

Pulan - moon
Pution is a star

Ray is the king

Serena - sunshine
Suetto - free, untied

Tadtazi - marine
Tazi - sea or ocean
Tazina - the sea
Tano - earth
Tohru - seashell
Tailayag - sail

Feliz - happy

Halomtano - jungle, forest
Hanomtano - water land
Hoben - young, energetic
Justo - fair

Echa - the blessing

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