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For every woman, a wedding is a significant event, almost the most important in life. Naturally, attention is paid to all the little things, and the bride's wedding dress stands in a special place.

It is not surprising that the world's leading fashion designers create more and more new designs, trying to diversify the appearance of the main hero of the occasion.

In the history of world fashion, 12 of the most famous wedding dresses have remained, which are admired and still equal.

Grace Kelly's wedding dress, April 1956. When the news spread that the Hollywood Princess Grace would soon become the princess of the Principality of Monaco, the heads of the MGM studio decided to present an unusual gift to their ward. It was cooked for six whole weeks under the strictest confidence by thirty-five people. As a result, a wedding dress appeared, which is now considered to be classic. The sketch was made by Helen Rose, who by that time had received an Oscar for her skill in creating costumes. In addition, she already knew Grace Kelly well, as she had already dressed her for the films "Swan" and "High Society". The dress included a classic bell-shaped ivory skirt made from peau de soie silk. There were also many petticoats, and the bodice was made of Brussels lace. Over them, the dress was decorated with natural pearls. The bride's face was framed by a silk veil, her prayer book, hair clips and even pink shoes were also decorated with lace. According to legend, the sole of Grace Kelly's shoes was hidden by a coin, for luck. The gorgeous dress was transferred by the girl immediately after the wedding to the museum. I must say that the wedding of Grace Kelly again brought into fashion the image of the princess-bride, which has noticeably faded over the years of wars and economic shocks.

Nicole Kidaman's wedding dress, June 2006. At her wedding, the Australian diva only confirmed her status as the most elegant Hollywood star. Contrary to all expectations, Nicole did not wear an outfit from Chanel, although she is the face of this company. The bride and her friend Lauren Scott bypassed her choice, although she invited her to the wedding. Kidman ended up wearing a dress from designer Nicolas Gesquier (Balenciaga). It was as simple as possible, but romantic. The sleeves were created in the Empire style and the dress was decorated with lace. The complete ensemble includes shoes from Christian Louboutin, earrings with pearls, a long veil and a bouquet of white roses. Outward simplicity was created with great taste. Bridesmaid stylist Cameron Silver said: "I had no doubt that Nicole would choose something like this. It would be absolutely not in her style to wear a huge dress with a full rococo skirt." Initially, Kidman wanted to sell her dress at a special charity auction, but the actress's adopted daughter, Isabella, was the last to dissuade her from doing so. The girl told her mother that she also wants to get married in this particular outfit someday. So now the outfit is waiting for its finest hour.

Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress, September 1953. For the bride Robert Kennedy, an African-American dress was made by Anne Lowe, a family designer of the Roosevelt and Bouvier families. The work took two whole months, while it took as much as 50 meters of silk taffeta. The dress had a classic silhouette - a narrow bodice was crowned with a fluffy skirt, decorated with small flowers and woven ribbons. Jackie wore a lace tiara on her head with fresh orange blossom flowers, and the bride's veil came from her grandmother. Not the girl's neck was a family pearl, but on the wrist was a diamond bracelet, presented shortly before by her future husband. The bride's bouquet included pink and white orchids and gardenias. As a result, Jackie's dress turned out to be the most photographed in history. However, the very first lady did not like her outfit at all. One day, her daughter Caroline said: "Mom was not very happy about the dress, because it looked so much like a lampshade."

Princess Diana's wedding dress, July 1981. The very history of the creation of this dress is unusual. Its design was carried out by unknown young designers David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. They said that one day they received a call from Vogue magazine asking them to provide them with some pretty blouse. They gave one, believing that it was needed for publication. In fact, the blouse is needed for Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales. The girl liked the designers' thing so much that she soon called them. Elizabeth recalls: “I picked up the phone, It was Diana. She quietly asked if we would agree to make a wedding dress for her. As if we could say no. The order was not even formalized, which is unusual for the royal family. Buckingham Palace did not receive a single letter, and not a single inspector visited. The future princess came to all fittings alone, taking her mother with her only once. The work was carried out for three months, for this entire period the windows and roofs of neighboring houses were literally occupied by the paparazzi. But the whole world saw a luxurious dress only on the day of the wedding - the corset was made of whalebone, the belt was made of diamonds, and the sleeves were shaped like lanterns. Just in case, even an exact copy of the dress was made.It is difficult to estimate the cost of the original, because its replica was sold at auction for 175 thousand dollars.

Dita Von Teese's wedding dress, December 2005. Which bride would choose a dark purple silk taffeta dress? Is it just the chosen one of the great and terrible Marilyn Manson, the gothic beauty Dita von Teese. Fashion critics were delighted - after all, the outfit from the creator of punk Vivienne Westwood perfectly set off the milky-white skin of the bride, ideally combined with the velvet tailcoat of the groom. The dress was complemented by a corset that was able to emphasize the bride's wasp waist (only 50 cm in girth!). It was created by fetish designer Mark Pullen, known as Mr. Pearl. For Dita, Christian Louboutin's shoes were ordered from Paris, and her hat arrived from London, the creator of which was the famous hatter Stephen Jones.

Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding dress, November 2000. The Hollywood diva arranged her wedding with such luxury that Elizabeth Taylor herself could envy her. But unlike her, Katherine intended to get married only once, so she did not skimp on expenses. The entire ceremony ended up costing nearly three million dollars, with a large chunk of which went into creating the dress. First, Katherine decided to involve in its creation the already mentioned David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, who already had experience in creating such clothes, once working with Princess Diana. In addition, the designers were from Wales, like Catherine herself. But in the end, the right to create the dress was given to the celebrity master Christian Lacroix, known for his commitment to a lush and deliberately luxurious style. The outfit of snow-white royal satin will be complemented by a long train of Chantilly lace, which is adorned with stardust embroidery. The bride's head was crowned with a tiara by jewelry designer Fred Leighton. This is how the princesses of Wales get married, even if the king is only a candy one.

Priscilla Presley's wedding dress, May 1967. The bride appeared in a long, floor-length, loose dress of simple cut, with a collar-collar. Sheer sleeves were embroidered with small beads. The outfit was purchased by Priscilla's mother, but she didn't quite like it - the girl altered the dress by hand for several days. The bride's luxurious hairstyle was adorned with a small crown with rhinestones, while the veil was long and heavy. Elvis Presley did not like this outfit at all, he found it uninteresting and simple, which did not correspond to the status of the bride of the king of rock and roll. But according to Priscilla herself, this is just gossip. "Elvis liked my look on our wedding day. Then we were both very nervous and did not really know what each of us should wear. When we saw each other leaving their rooms and fully dressed in our wedding dresses, we were very moved. He told me: “Sattnin, you look beautiful.” Priscilla believes that her dress was in the spirit of the time. The girl chose it because it was flying and romantic, making her look more feminine.

Bianca Jagger's wedding dress, May 1971. Few of the brides would dare to wear a trouser suit for a wedding. But for Bianca Jagger, such a decision was given easily, thereby she inscribed her name in the history of fashion. It makes sense that the bride of the sex symbol and rock star decided to give up the traditional outfit. Instead, she decided to express her love of freedom with a snow-white pantsuit, worn directly over her naked body. The costume was ordered from the famous London studio Saville Row, created the outfit of Tomi Nutter, which also wore Yoko Ono and Elton John. A wide-brimmed hat with a veil was included with the dress, and a bracelet of flowers flaunted on the wrist. Bianca's red long nails and her blue-black hair contrasted with the bright white ensemble. This classic outfit today began to acquire replicas in the collections of a variety of designers. For example, designer Tom Ford was able to showcase an elegant tuxedo in the style of Bianca Jagger in his debut at Yves Saint Laurent.

Marilyn Monroe's wedding dress, January 1954. The woman, who is a recognized sex symbol of the twentieth century, has been married three times. In January 1954, her marriage to baseball star Joe DiMaggio took place, Marilyn's second attempt to find family happiness. The actress surprised fashion critics with her extremely simple brown dress, which is similar in style to what was then worn by Soviet schoolgirls. However, here you can see both style and taste. By the way, the bride once bought such a dress for $ 250 in a regular store, but it was sold in 1999 to a private collector for $ 33,500. But the traditional dress, in which Monroe married for the first time in 1942 to police officer Jim Dagerty, never found its buyer. Apparently, the star herself managed to add charm and style to the outfit.

Gwen Stefani's wedding dress, September 2002. The soloist of the "No Doubt" group was able to surprise everyone at her wedding. She put on a luxurious dress in which moderate shocking subtly coexisted with classics. On the bride, the outfit of a creamy shade was kept only thanks to the fastener on the left shoulder. The dress changed its color to the hem to fuchsia. The outfit was complemented by an old veil. The dress was specially made for Gwen by John Galliani from Dior fashion house. During a conversation with him, the singer said that she could not decide on the style. To this, Galliani invited Gwen to tell him which song she liked the most. This is what helped the designer create an outfit that surpassed all expectations. After trying on him in Paris, Stephanie said: "I was speechless. The resulting dress is completely owned by both John and me."

Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress, July 2000. Although the marriage of the actress was never perfect, it was her wedding dress. It was invented and embodied by the American Lawrence Steele. The outfit was sewn of snow-white tulle and silk, and hundreds of tiny pearls acted as decoration. The bride's hair was covered with a veil, and she wore leather sandals from Manolo Blahnik on her legs. The bridesmaids wore green silk dresses, and the groom's friends wore Prada suits. Simplicity and elegance, however, came at a cost. Divorce from Brad Pitt broke out after five years. Then Aniston, trying to get rid of depression, gathered friends in the backyard of the house and arranged a ritual burning of this dress, trying to get rid of sad memories. They most likely remained, but this exclusive outfit no longer exists.

Elizabeth Hurley wedding dress, March 2007. Preparing to marry the Indian billionaire Arun Nayar, Elizabeth decided that she would need at least 12 wedding dresses - after all, the celebration was planned to be held in both India and England. Why so much? But after all, at Elizabeth's wedding, the guests walked for several days, the star could not afford to be among the guests in the same outfit for two days in a row. And for rich men of the East, buying several outfits for brides at once is a common practice. For her English wedding, Elizabeth wore a classic "swan" dress from Donatella Versace, while the outfit was guarded by two bodyguards to avoid damage. At the celebrations in Mumbai, the actress put on an expensive Sari, however, also from the Versace family. However, Donatella subsequently gave way to oriental designers. Mrs. Nayar appeared in pink sarees from Rohit Bala and Tarun Tahiliani, each worth 7-8 thousand dollars. These famous designers of the East also dress the wives of sheikhs and Bollywood stars.

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