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Murphy's Laws for Clients.

Whatever bad happens, there is always someone willing to sue.

Goldstein rules

1. Always hire a wealthy lawyer.

2. Never buy from a wealthy merchant.

Bersani law

If a lawyer says: "I am dear," you can trust him.

Willis Rule for Success

No successful lawyer in any way answers the phone himself.

First principle

The qualifications of a particular lawyer are more important than his qualifications in the case.

Rodriguez rule

There is nothing more cynical in jurisprudence than relying on the honest intentions and goodwill of the lawyers involved in the case.

Reminder of a certain J.T.

It rarely happens that your lawyer is interested in settling a case.

McKevith's rule

The subpoena calling you to sit on a jury comes just when you don't have the slightest excuse to get out of it.

Miller's law

The insurance covers everything except what actually happens.

Bralek's rule

Trust only those who will suffer no less than you if things go wrong.

Van Herpen's law

The solution to the problem is to find those who are able to solve it.

Supreme Court ruling

The accused has the right to a fair trial in court, but not ideal.

Rückert's law of hypochondria

Nothing is so small that it cannot be inflated to an unimaginable size.

Fox on the real problem

When the problem goes away, the people who worked to solve it stay.

Dreisden's law

The time it takes to correct a situation is inversely proportional to the time it took to cause it.

Hoare's Law of Big Problems

Inside every big problem is a little one that is struggling to get out.

Schneiker's Law inverse to Hoare's Law

Inside every little problem is a bigger one that struggles to get out.

Jacob's Law

It is human nature to make mistakes, but it is even more common for him to shift the blame onto someone else.

Mason's rule

Always have your lawyer write the first draft of the contract.


Never sign a contract written by the other party's attorney.

Jones law

The man who can smile when things go wrong just figured out who to blame.

Luposhaisky's law "sleep and wait"

1. If you come to a business date in advance, it will be canceled.

2. If you're overwhelmed to be on time, you have to wait.

3. If you are late, show up too late.

Mishlav's law

Never trust a lawyer who says he whipped up some paper a couple of minutes ago.

Gross's Law for Clients

The more often a client changes lawyers, the worse and more complicated his case becomes.

McDowell's law

Never let your lawyer find out how much money you have.

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