The most mysterious civilizations of the past

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Civilization (from Lat. Civilis - civil, state) - 1) general philosophical meaning - a social form of the movement of matter, ensuring its stability and ability to self-development by self-regulation of exchange with the environment (human civilization on the scale of a cosmic device); 2) historiosophical meaning - a concept denoting the unity of the historical process and the totality of material, technical and spiritual achievements of mankind in the course of this process (human civilization in the history of the Earth); 3) the stage of the world historical process associated with the achievement of a certain level of sociality; 4) a society localized in time and space. Local civilizations are integral systems that represent a complex of economic, political, social and spiritual subsystems and develop according to the laws of vital cycles.

Lemuria or Mu. Many researchers believe that 80 thousand years ago, an ancient civilization, the first on Earth, arose on the giant continent of Lemuria. It existed for 50 thousand long years. The cause of its death was devastating earthquakes caused by the displacement of the earth's pole, which just happened 26 thousand years ago. It is believed that the Mu civilization did not achieve such high knowledge in the field of technology as later, but the peoples of Lemuria were able to master the construction of huge stone buildings that were able to withstand earthquakes. It was construction technology that was the greatest achievement of the Mu civilization. Probably, then there was a single language and government all over the world. It was education that allowed the state to flourish, because all citizens knew the laws of the Earth and the Universe. Already at the age of 21, a person comprehended basic knowledge, and became a full-fledged citizen by the age of 28.

Ancient Atlantis. A long time ago, the continent of Mu under the influence of cataclysms plunged into the ocean, the formation of the Pacific Ocean took place, while the water level in other parts of the Earth decreased. As a result, the small islands of the Atlantic have grown considerably in size. The Poseidonis Archipelago has become a small continent. Later, historians have forgotten its true name, calling it Atlantis. It is believed that that civilization surpassed even the modern one with its level of technology. In 1884 Tibetan philosophers dictated to the young American Frederick Oliver the book "Earthly Return of the Dweller", which mentions such inventions as electric rifles, air conditioners that purify the air from harmful vapors, fluorescent lamps, vacuum lamps, and monorail transport. Water generators, mechanisms for obtaining water from the atmosphere, aircraft controlled by anti-gravity forces. Yes, and the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce mentioned that airplanes were used in Atlantis and crystals existed. Helping to get a huge amount of energy. Casey also talked about how the Atlanteans misused their power. This led to the death of the ancient civilization.

Rama's Indian Empire. Fortunately for us, the ancient works of the Indian empire of Rama have survived, while many documents of the Indians, Egyptians and Chinese have been lost. Today, most of the empire is at the bottom of the ocean, the rest has disappeared into the impassable jungle. However, India, despite the devastation of war, was able to preserve a significant part of its ancient history. Scientists believe that civilization was formed here around 500 BC, two centuries before the invasion of the troops of Alexander the Great. But not so long ago, on the territory of modern Pakistan, in the Indus Valley, the remains of the cities of Harappa and Mozhenjo-Daro were discovered. This discovery allowed scientists to doubt the previous conclusions and postpone the dates of the emergence of civilization for thousands of years ago. The researchers noted the high organization of the cities, their brilliant planning. The sewage systems of the ancient Indians were so developed that not all Asian cities can argue with them.

Mediterranean civilization of Osiris. In the days when Atlantis and Harappa existed, there was a large fertile valley in the basin of the present Mediterranean Sea. The civilization that existed there became the progenitor of Ancient Egypt with its dynasties. It was called the Civilization of Osiris. In those days, the Nile flowed completely differently and it was called Styx. The river did not flow into the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt, but turned westward, forming a huge lake in the area of ​​the present center of the sea. From there, the river flowed in the area between Malta and Sicily and flowed into the Atlantic near Gibraltar (then the Pillars of Hercules). With the destruction of Atlantis, the ocean waters slowly flooded the entire basin, flooding the Osirian cities and forcing them to relocate. It is this theory that explains how the megalithic remains ended up at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists do not hide the fact that there are more than two hundred sunken cities at the bottom of the sea. The Egyptian civilization, like the Minoan civilization located on Crete, like the Mycenaean, Greek, are traces of a single ancient Osrian culture. That civilization was able to build megalithic structures that could withstand earthquakes. As in Atlantis, the locals used electricity, air ships and other means of transport using electricity. Maltese mysterious paths found under water may be part of the ancient transport route of the Mediterranean civilization. The best example of its technology can be considered an amazing platform found in the Lebanese Baalbek. Its main part consists of large cut rock blocks, each weighing from 1200 to 1500 tons. Scientists believe that this work has not yet been completed.

Uyghur civilization. Many ancient cities were once located on the site of the current Gobi Desert during the time of Atlantis. Now there is only the earth scorched by the sun and it is hard to believe that the ocean once splashed here, life was seething. No significant traces of civilization have yet been found. But there are many references to vimanas (ancient flying machines) in this area, as well as other technical devices. The famous researcher Nicholas Roerich talked about the observations of some flying disks just in the region of northern Tibet in the 30s. Many believe that the elders of Lemuria transferred part of their culture even before the cataclysm that destroyed their civilization, just to the then uninhabited plateau in Central Asia. Now mysterious Tibet is located here. It was then that the elders founded a school called the Great White Brotherhood. Before his death, the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu went to the legendary land of Hsi Wang Mu, which, perhaps, was the possession of the mysterious White Brotherhood.

Tiahuanaco. Like Mu civilization and Atlantis in South America, construction was also carried out on a megalithic scale with the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. Although public and residential buildings were constructed from ordinary stone, an unusual polygonal technology was used. As a result, the buildings are still standing. The ancient capital of Peru, the city of Cuzco, is a fairly populated city even today, although it was built before the Incas, thousands of years ago. In the downtown area, most of the buildings are still connected by walls that were laid out centuries ago. The comparatively young buildings built by the Spaniards are already being destroyed, while the ancient structures stand. Several hundred kilometers to the south separate Cusco from the fantastic ruins of Puma Punki, located high in Bolivia's altiplano. It is not far from here to Tiahuanaco, a huge megalithic place, where 100-ton blocks are scattered everywhere by an unknown force. Once upon a time, South America underwent a grand cataclysm caused by the pole shift. The former oceanic ridge is now located at an altitude of almost 4 kilometers in the Andes. Indirectly, this version is confirmed by many oceanic fossils around Lake Titicaca.

Mayan civilization. Surprisingly, the Mayan pyramids found in Central America have their twin brothers on the Indonesian island of Java. On the slopes of Mount Lavu near Surakarta in the central part of the island, there is an amazing temple with a stepped pyramid and a stone stele, which, as it seems, should have been found in South America. After all, such a pyramid is virtually identical to those found in Wasaktun, near Tikal. The Maya civilization could boast of its achievements in the field of mathematics and astronomy, the cities of these ancients existed in harmony with nature. On the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mayans built their garden cities and canals. The aforementioned Edgar Cayce said that records of the knowledge of the Maya and other ancient civilizations are stored in three places on the planet. First of all, in Atlantis, whose temples may still be found under age-old sediments, for example, in the Bimini region off the coast of Florida. The second part is found in Egyptian temple records, and the last is in America, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Somewhere there is an ancient hall of records, which can be located anywhere, for example, in an underground chamber under one of the pyramids. Some researchers argue that the storage contains quartz crystals that are capable of storing large amounts of information like modern CDs.

Ancient China. This civilization is also known as China Han. It originated from the vast Pacific continent of Mu. Ancient Chinese records contain descriptions of celestial chariots and jade production, which was also the case with the Maya. And the ancient languages ​​of these peoples are very similar. Scientists have noted the strong mutual influence of South America and China, both in the field of trade, and in symbolism, mythology and linguistics. The ancient Chinese are credited with amazing discoveries - rockets, earthquake detectors, printing, and even toilet paper. In the middle of the 20th century, archaeologists discovered an aluminum tape created several thousand years ago using electricity.

Ancient Israel and Ethiopia. The Ethiopian book Kebra Negast, like the ancient texts of the Bible, tells about the high technologies of this civilization. Thus, the temple in Jerusalem was located on three giant blocks of cut stone, similar to those found in Baalbek. Now on the site of the Temple of Solomon there is a Muslim mosque, its foundations are rooted in the civilization of Osiris. The Temple of Solomon itself was an example of megalithic construction; the Ark of the Covenant was kept here. It is believed that it was an ancient electrical generator that killed those who inadvertently touched it. The ark itself, like the golden statue, was once carried by Moses from the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid during the Exodus.

Kingdom of the Sun in the Pacific Ocean. After the sinking of the continent of Mu into the ocean due to the displacement of the poles, the islets of land in the Pacific Ocean were inhabited by the races of China, India, America and Africa. On the islands of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia, the Aroe civilization was formed, which left behind megalithic platforms, a statue, roads and pyramids. So, in New Caledonia, cement columns were found, which are from 7 to 13 thousand years old! On Easter Island, statues were arranged in a clockwise spiral around the island, and on Pohnpei there was once a huge stone island. Today, the Polynesian peoples of Tahiti, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter believe that their ancestors could move freely between the islands and even fly.

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