The most unusual components of cosmetics

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In pursuit of beauty, women are ready for anything. It's time to talk about it.

Used vegetable oil. Each major manufacturer has its own laboratories that study what else can be useful in production. It turned out that waste vegetable oil can become the basis for obtaining a substance with an active anti-aging effect. It promotes the restoration of skin cells, which leads to its regeneration. The component turned out to be so cheap that many companies could not resist the temptation to use it in their products. Where do you get this amount of used oil? The solution turned out to be simple - there are agreements with fast food and cafe chains.

Pepper extract. People try to protect their skin from pepper. But the most common paprika, which is used in spicy dishes and gas cans, can also be used in cosmetics. The main active ingredient in pepper, capsaicin, is usually responsible for the painful "fire" sensations. However, they also learned to use it in the manufacture of lipstick. Sometimes it happens that it causes a slight tingling sensation. This means that bitter pepper is present as one of the ingredients in lipstick. Having found this out, it is better to keep such a cosmetic product away from the eyes.

Chicken bone marrow. Many ingredients of animal origin are used in cosmetics. Chicken bone marrow is just one of the few of its kind. His choice was not accidental. After all, the bone marrow contains a large amount of glucosamine. This organic substance is responsible for the formation of new cells in the skin and improving the functioning of existing ones. Another beneficial component of bone marrow helps fight inflammation. This is why chicken bone marrow is found in skin moisturizers or softeners, and in various face creams.

Fish scales. We often hear a manufacturer promising that their cosmetic will create shine or shimmer. The consumer can also be attracted by the promise of a reflective effect. People are often fooled into these tricks when it comes to lipstick, nails, or hairsprays. But few people know what exactly is used to achieve such an effect. This is often fish scales. Substances are made from it that can create a pearlescent sheen. The source for the industry, in this case, is the most common commercial fish - herring. It turns out that it is not only used for food, but also decorates the face with its help.

Cochineal powder. Cochineal powder will likely not be explicitly listed in your lipstick ingredients list. But carmine or an acid based on it may be there. But cochineal is almost always present in products that contain a bright rich red color. This also applies to lipsticks. To obtain such a component, cochineal beetles are scalded with boiling water, then dried and ground into a fine powder. Then the red pigment is extracted from it, which is used in cosmetics. Another area of ​​application for such a powder is in the food industry. It is mined in juices, jellies and candies.

White ambergris. Although the substance with this name sounds very harmless, its origin can be confusing. This dark or gray powder is obtained from the digestive organs of whales. In fact, bile is used for these purposes, which is dried. Although amber comes from an unusual place, it has a pleasant sweetish scent. This promotes its use in perfumery. Ambergris is also famous for its ability to hold itself well in the form of odors on the skin. This is manifested in the persistent action of the spirits. Recently, synthetic substitutes for ambergris have been used. But in some cosmetic lines, this substance can still be found.

Algae shells. Not everyone understands what diatomite, which is part of cosmetics, is. Another name for this substance is mountain flour. It is a sedimentary rock, which is essentially the shells of the smallest diatoms. This substance consists of silica. Based on it, some manufacturers produce face scrubs and masks. Diatomaceous earth is said to help cleanse the pores of the face, relieving it of acne and other unpleasant "guests".

Nightingale litter. This substance is included in one of the most expensive cosmetics in the world. Bird feces have long been used by geisha and Japanese theater actors. With this natural remedy, they removed a thick layer of makeup from the face. Litter was also considered to be an excellent brightening agent. Today, nightingale droppings form the basis of the masks, which can be purchased at an expensive London salon for 135 pounds. The action is explained simply. The droppings contain a large amount of nitrogen, as well as the enzyme guanine. It is he who is responsible for the term "guano". All this not only cleanses the skin, but also helps to resist dangerous bacteria. And nightingale droppings are even better suited for these purposes. So this substance is a beneficial natural skin bleach. Naturally, the droppings are pretreated under high temperature conditions. But in ancient times, this substance was applied to the body and face directly in its original form.

Snail excrement. It turns out that snail waste products are found in many moisturizers. The excrement of these creatures is used to fight scars, acne and stretch marks on the skin. Snail waste is part of aging creams. For example, there is this substance in the famous Michael Todd Cosmetics KNUAnti-AgingTri Complex, which costs as much as $ 135. The manufacturer does not hide this. On the contrary, it is advertised that thanks to snails, the cream works better on the skin, restoring it and thereby prolonging youth. It is difficult to say if this is actually the case. But women are definitely better off not thinking about what their cosmetics are made of.

Children's foreskin. This case only proves the last statement. Some manufacturers, among which are the famous Vavelta and Skinmedica, use very unusual elements in their products. Pieces of foreskin that remains after circumcision of children are designed to fight against aging of the skin. This procedure is quite common in our world. It is not known how much of this type of skin is required to create an anti-wrinkle cream. The producers themselves say that they are now working with old accumulated stocks. On the basis of the available material, new cells are grown, which are used in the latest batches of creams.

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