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Ayge - ancestor
Amlet - a small village
Asger - the spear of god

Bendt - Blessed
Bent - Blessed
Brain - brown

Valentine - healthy, strong
Wilfred - the world of desires

Gadbrand - the sword of god
Greggers - Cautious

Dugfinn - Finn
Jannik is a good god
Jerrick is the future ruler
Jesper - cherish the data
Gillis is a child
Jokum - established by god
Jorgen the Farmer
Jork - the farmer
Jorn the Tiller

Ib is a displacer
Yver - archer

Jens is a good god

Kjeld - cauldron, kettle
Keld - cauldron, kettle
Clemens - gentle and merciful
Baptism is a follower of Christ
Kristen is a follower of Christ
Christer is a follower of Christ
Christian is a follower of Christ
Kay - chicken, chicken

Lorits - From Lorentum
Loritz - from Lorentum

Mads - a gift from god
Mojens - big
Morten - from Mars

Nils - victory of the people
Nood - node

Ol - heir, descendant
Olav - heir, descendant

Peder - rock, stone
Preben - the first bear
Pool - small

Regner is a wise warrior

Svend - boy
Steen is a stone

Teege - hitting the target
Torbjorn - the bear of Thor
Torben - the bear Thor
Thorsten - the stone of Thor
Troels - Thor's arrow
Tew - thunder

Ulf the wolf

Flemming - from Flanders
Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Froud is wise

Hagen - the tall son
Helge - successful, successful
Holdor - Rock of Thor
Halldore - Rock of Thor
Halldour - Rock of Thor

Eluf is a possible heir

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