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The Diadora brand is Italian. The company, based in Caerano di San Marco, in the province of Treviso, produces sportswear, shoes and various accessories. It is Diadora who is the technical sponsor of the Italian Association of Judges, creating uniforms for them.

The history of the company dates back to the war, and the First World War. Largely thanks to her, as a result, the balance swung in favor of Italy.

That experience was not lost, in the post-war period the region continued to produce boots and mountain boots. And after the Second World War, the accumulated experience allowed the active Marcello Daniele to create the Diadora company.

Its name did not appear by chance, the founder chose this word on the advice of his friends. The word itself has Greek roots and literally means "sharing of success, honors, gifts." These principles will become fundamental for the company. And in 1948, the young company immediately struck, first its native region, and then all of Italy. She is proud of her handmade mountain boots.

In the early 1960s, the company moved to the level of already industrial production. Thanks to a stamping machine purchased in America, Diadora puts footwear production on stream. The range begins to expand - in addition to classic boots and ski boots, the company is gradually moving to the production of sports shoes.

In 1966, the historical five-ball emblem was born, which gave the brand and style, and also showed its connection with sports. The rings were associated with the Olympic Movement, the highest results. And although during the existence of the company its logo has changed four times, the basic principle was preserved in all versions, the final one was approved in the late 70s.

And in the 1970s, Diadora was directly involved in shaping a new era that was changing the approach to sponsorship. The most famous athletes of that time became the benchmark. And production technologies have made it possible to satisfy not only the needs of professionals, but also to produce casual shoes. Diadora also launched sportswear. And at the 1976 Olympics, the company increased its presence in athletics, partnering with more than just runners.

For example, specially for Giuseppe Gentile, a three-time Olympic champion in a triple jump, special spikes were developed. The company also entered the world of football. The first "swallow" for Diadora was Roberto Bettega, after him the list of footballers playing in branded shoes only began to grow. The Diadora symbol stood for product quality and technical excellence in this sport.

It turned out that the sponsorship activity hit the bull's-eye - the company produced 3 million pairs, with 3500 retail outlets in 45 countries. For many people, tennis shoes have become everyday shoes, and young people also fell in love with sports. After a string of victories in top-level competitions, the brand has become associated worldwide with Italian style, success and technical excellence.

And in the 80s, the company increased its penetration into such sports as athletics, tennis, football. She has appeared in basketball, volleyball, cycling, boxing, motor sports. Stars such as Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Zico, Niki Lauda, ​​and the entire Italian national team performed in outfit with the Diadora logo. It was at that time that sporting events began to be actively broadcast on television, so the exploits of idols became available to many fans, which helped the brand as well.

Diadora is constantly looking for new solutions, collaborating, for example, with the Bioengineering Centers in Milan. As professional footwear becomes more and more advanced, these solutions eventually begin to be applied in the manufacture of everyday products.

In the 90s, the company continues to collaborate with great athletes, focusing on its increasingly recognizable style. At this time, a long-term contract was signed with footballer Roberto Baggio. The legend of Italian football has used Diadora paraphernalia for almost his entire career. In those years, the brand was associated with such great champions as Marco van Basten, George Weah, Vialli, Ivanishevich, Kuerten, Kafelnikov.

Thanks to its high quality and progressive development, the company has established its position in the international markets. Today Diadora is one of the largest sports shoe manufacturers. Its divisions are open in the USA, England, Spain and Hong Kong, and its headquarters are located in Venice. The company earns over 300 million euros per year. Today its activity is divided into three main areas - the creation of sports and casual shoes, sports accessories and clothing.

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