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Meaning of the name

Ephraim translated from Hebrew means "fertile".


Usually a person with such a name has a keen self-esteem and, alas, it is not difficult to get him out of himself. Sometimes the slightest spark is enough for his negative emotions to burst out.

However, this does not at all mean that Ephraim does not know how to control himself, just the name inclines him to directness, and an explosive temperament, regrettably, can turn this directness into aggression.

The absence of some plasticity in the general energy of the name also affects, which makes Ephraim an extremely sensitive person, forcing him to painfully perceive even those events that thicker-skinned brothers ignore.

The boy is a little gloomy and withdrawn, studying is not easy for him, but he adheres to the rule: diligence and work will grind everything. He cannot boast of excellent grades, but where you need to make something or understand the technical device, Ephraim is the first. Friends readily recognize his leadership and love him for his openness and directness.

Over the years, his sullenness turns into restraint, and his directness into uncompromising. Ephraim takes every business seriously, whether it be designing a complex device or fixing an iron.

If your boss's name is Ephraim, consider yourself lucky: he will never raise his voice, will not find fault with trifles and will try to extinguish the production squabble that is starting to flare up in time. He is demanding, but he has the right to it, because he himself is fanatically devoted to the cause and does not give indulgences to himself, first of all.

It's a pity, of course, but all this can lead to the fact that in the life of Ephraim there will be a great variety of all kinds of conflicts, and this, in turn, can further exacerbate sensitivity and pride. A sense of humor does not always help, because most often the straightforward and temperamental Ephraim uses wit for caustic satire and ridicule, which also does not strengthen the nerves.

On the other hand, Ephraim's sensitivity is capable not only of negative emotions, but also of no less keen sympathy and compassion. He is a loyal person and knows how to be faithful not only to the cause, but also to people, but sometimes he is completely incapable of forgiving people mistakes and weaknesses.

Possessing a fair amount of character, perseverance and ambition, Ephraim could have achieved noticeable success in life, if only emotions did not blind him, now and then forcing him to take rash, and sometimes just fatal steps.

Yes, and in family life with such a character it will not be easy for him, so maybe you should still pay attention to your painful pride and try to treat people, if not more gently, then at least more tolerant. After all, in the end, the concepts of good and evil in this world are not so unambiguous, so why, before condemning a person, try to understand and forgive him?

All household chores usually fall on the shoulders of Ephraim's wife. Sincerely sympathizing with her problems, he is nevertheless unable to help her in any way: with the responsibility with which he relates to his work, he simply does not have free time for family affairs. Not many Ephraims achieve great success in life, although there are exceptions when, for example, at thirty, Ephraim can defend his doctoral dissertation.


Ephraim subconsciously identifies a potential sexual partner from the first meeting, pays special attention to her, but does not always know how to approach her.

Ephraim quickly becomes aroused, he can demand from his girlfriend to immediately surrender to him, without turning mania to inappropriate conditions. His knowledge of sex, ingenuity is very great, he skillfully uses the accumulated experience. She finds an individual approach to each partner, remembers which of them and what she likes most. Therefore, it always has success with women.

He openly shows feelings, sincerely admires the beautiful figure of a friend, admires her sexual capabilities. Makes love by light, must see partner. Can appoint several women to meet on the same day, a physically strong lover.

Ephraim does not attach much importance to love preludes, impatient, rude. He can not always relax and enjoy some gentle kisses - he thinks only about the culminating phase of sexual intercourse. A "winter" woman is more suitable for him. He tries to choose a pliable partner with whom he does not need to mess around for a long time, persuade and seduce.

Ephraim is more concerned with the variety of sexual techniques, positions and options in sexual intercourse. However, knowledge in the field of sex gives him the opportunity to bring his partner to a strong orgasm, which smooths out the unpleasant feeling from his assertiveness and impatience. His secret to achieving an unforgettable climax lies in the ability to last this moment as long as possible.

In Ephraim, charm and physical strength are equally combined. His sensual energy and irrepressible temperament act magically on his partner. Ephraim gets maximum pleasure with several orgasms, repeated after a short period.

Ephraim is stubborn and wayward, stopping him or hindering him in achieving his goal in sexual relations means incurring anger, a flurry of harsh words. He does not tolerate harsh actions on the part of his partner, refusal to fulfill his request can anger Ephraim.

He is a grateful lover, but does not forgive betrayal, immediately ends all relationships, does not want to listen to explanations. Likes to talk about sex with friends, is attentive to their advice.

Ephraim can unexpectedly marry everyone, knowing his partner for several days. He marries several times, but after the first unsuccessful marriage he does not marry for a long time. For his wife, he is a wonderful sexual partner, an attentive husband.



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The sound of the name Ephraim gives the impression of something active, strong, brave.

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