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Meaning of the name

Old Germanic means "oath to God".


Elsa has been smart and cunning since childhood, she does not often say what she thinks. Elsa is curious and very ambitious. Elsa is vulnerable and extremely sensitive, but resolute, independent and hardy enough in difficult life situations.

Elsa chooses a model of behavior according to the current situation, she can pretend to be a stupid simpleton, or she can conquer with sophistication of manners and intellect.

Elsa is obstinate and has a hard time getting along with people. Elsa is an observer by nature, an analyst by nature. Elsa has a well-developed intuition. Elsa has an iron will, knows how to quickly pull herself together in any situation.

Elsa always comes to the intended goal, no matter what it takes. Sometimes her, for a while, unscrupulousness and immorality amaze others.

Elsa constantly takes care of her health and mental balance. Elsa is doing well in the acting field, she also does an excellent job of a teacher, designer, model, pharmacist, cook, engineer. Elsa prefers flexible working hours.

In marriage, Elsa is despotic, but she is a good housewife who knows how to make the house cozy. Elsa is economical and calculating, cooks well, loves to receive guests.


Elsa is very sexy, prefers delicate and shy partners. Sensuality masks its external restraint. She gets married early. However, the first marriage is not always successful. Elsa is somewhat sentimental; in love she loves romance and fire.

For Elsa, sex is the art of enjoying life, bringing great joy. Her sexual behavior is not always the same, it depends on the mood and experience of the partner. Elsa remembers the man who gave her unearthly pleasure for a long time, even after many years, and can see him in front of her in moments of closeness with her partner.

She does not like rough caresses, pressure, impatience. Elsa feels hurt if her partner, the next second after orgasm, turns to the wall and falls asleep.

She easily meets the desires of a man, she can even take the initiative herself, seeing the partner's indecision. Elsa, without the slightest hesitation, discusses some intimate details, calling things by their proper names.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, Libra.


The sound of the name Elsa gives the impression of something good, slow.

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