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Meaning of the name

Elvira translated from ancient German means "protection of all".


Outwardly, Elvira is a calm and balanced person, but passions boil inside her. Elvira's character is an explosive mixture of stubbornness, kindness, cunning, gullibility, sudden outbursts of anger, the ability to adapt to the situation.

Elvira is hardworking, she takes on any job and does it successfully. Elvira prefers the company of men. She is more comfortable communicating with them than with women. Elvira is conflicted, squabbles in the team, usually her handiwork.

Elvira is incapable of keeping secrets. If she happens to find herself in the role of a secretguard, passions immediately begin to overwhelm her. She will try, be silent for a while, but one day it will break through, and everyone will know this secret.

Elvira does not always marry successfully. Her hot temper and intolerance can ruin a marriage. Elvira loves to do household chores. Cleaning the apartment helps her calm her nerves. Elvira does not like to be in one place for a long time - she is attracted by the unknown. Elvira enjoys hiking and tourism.


Elvira knows how to feel a partner, her love for a man is boundless. But a lot depends on her mood: today she can be gentle and tomorrow - rude, she can offend a man.

Elvira is very temperamental. In the sexual process, she seeks to dominate, she knows how to do it without humiliating his manhood. No matter how long sexual intercourse lasts, Elvira is able to make a man start all over again.

After the end of the intimacy, she likes to lie down for some time, hugging her partner, until the excitement subsides, caressing the partner and listening to his tender words.

Elvira is very demanding of a man, sometimes she expects the impossible from him. Elvira attaches great importance to sex, considering it necessary to maintain health and a sense of peace of mind. She is impulsive and sensual, capable of a reckless act, which she may later regret.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Pisces.


The sound of the name Elvira gives the impression of something good, beautiful.

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