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Meaning of the name

Elmira means "princess" in Spanish.


As a child, Elmira is fearful and painful. Elmira has a subtle sense of people; she doesn't go to everyone's hands. Little Elmira is shy, silent, however, if someone shows interest in her, she will gladly play with him.

At school he studies well, along the way he is fond of music, dancing. Refined nature, a real princess. Likes to read, writes poetry. She values ​​friendship, she has one real friend (or girlfriend) for life.

Growing up, Elmira becomes withdrawn and slightly distrustful, but too docile. Elmira looks like her father, but her character is mother's.

Elmira does not like funny, noisy holidays, she likes to sit with an interesting book at home. Elmira can seriously study music, study at the conservatory.

Elmira, born in winter, is somewhat more resolute and assertive, married - a leader. Great cook, wonderful mother.

Elmira, born in autumn, is calculating, squeamish, hospitable, not always happy in her personal life.

Elmira, born in summer, is gloomy, sincere, impulsive, generous, extremely jealous, contradictory.


Elmira gives the impression of a spiritually gifted nature, in sex she does not hide her emotions, longs for games, romance. Giving vent to her emotions, she often goes to extremes.

In bed, she is passive, aimed at getting what her partner will offer her. She herself never influences the sexual process. She is able to explain herself better in words than in the language of feelings.

Elmira's misfortune is that her lifestyle and behavior attract the attention of sensitive, sophisticated men, and none of them can give her complete happiness. Elmira herself makes a choice, but she is not inclined to change partners often, as it is difficult to adapt to a new man.

She is characterized by some adventurism, she seeks to know everything, to try everything. However, she can be a wonderful wife. She gets married late.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Elmira gives the impression of something proud and solemn.

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