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Experience is valued in almost all spheres of human activity. For men, being the first sexual partner meant a lot.

Unsurprisingly, virginity was a tasty selling point. The price of virginity rises to tens of thousands of dollars, and this auction invariably attracts public interest.

Katie Cobblerson. In 2004, a kind of record was broken - a 24-year-old Texas resident, Katie Cobblerson, decided to part with her virginity for a round sum of 100 thousand dollars. Such a lot appeared on the eBay auction, however, was quickly removed. It is not known whether the owner of innocence was able to sell it on other similar trading platforms. The girl put up for sale her most expensive treasure to pay off her debts. At the same time, she asked not to bother her perverts, her first man should be a gentle and kind person who should show all the charm of intimate relationships.

Rosie Reid. This transaction took place in the same year. An 18-year-old Londoner gave her virginity to a 44-year-old man. The divorced telecommunications engineer spared $ 13,000 for this. For the girl, this was the first intimate experience with a man, and a lesbian friend was waiting for her outside the hotel room door. Rosie said that the first experience was terrible, because she was nervous and afraid. The girl felt that she had to please her partner in the deal as much as possible, because he was paying money. Rosie spent the proceeds on her tuition debt. She herself said that she seemed to be watching the whole situation from the side and felt great relief after it was over. The reunited friends burst into tears the next morning. The student of the Faculty of Social Policy put up her proposal on the Internet and received more than two thousand proposals from men from around the world. Rosie had to work hard to pay for her studies and rent. She realized that she did not have enough time for education. And the initially playful idea became a reality.

Graciela Yatako. Peruvian model from Lima in March 2005 put up for auction her virginity. Her family needed money, and her mother needed medicine for treatment. The girl decided to surrender herself simply to the one who paid more for it. But in a thoroughly Catholic Peru, such a bargaining caused public condemnation, and the girl withdrew her proposal. But the very next month, a Canadian offered her $ 1.5 million, to which Graciela pointedly refused. Then they began to accuse her of conducting a publicity stunt, did the girl even want to sell herself? She herself stated that she was serious in her proposal, because in the country there is a really difficult situation with work.

Natalie Dylan. A sultry beauty in 2008 put up her innocence with the help of a legal brothel Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Natalie received a tempting offer of $ 3.7 million. This amount would probably be enough for her to get the coveted master's degree. Before Natalie's eyes was the example of her older sister Avia, who in three weeks prostitution earned several thousand dollars for her studies. The girl told about the auction on the Howard Stern TV show. At that time, the maximum offer was 272 thousand dollars, but after the publicity of the story, interest increased noticeably. It is strange that a modest (taking into account virginity) 22-year-old student suddenly decided to announce to the whole country about the sale of her body. She herself does not consider it humiliating. Natalie says that she had serious meetings with two guys, but they were patient and did not go far.

Alina Percha. And this 18-year-old girl decided to part with her virginity for money through an auction on the website for her education. Alina left her native Romania for Germany, but was unable to work even in a restaurant due to her poor knowledge of the language. She was inspired to sell her virginity by the story of Natalie Dylan. Alina planned to receive about 70 thousand dollars from these auctions. But the young Romanian woman raised about $ 14,000 from the 45-year-old Italian winner. This man paid Alina a ticket to Venice. In this romantic city, the couple spent the day sightseeing, and then went to spend the night in a luxury hotel. Immediately before the very exciting act, the girl underwent two medical examinations at once, which confirmed her purity. Alina said that she liked the man, and she felt good with him. In general, he looked much younger than his years. The Italian enveloped her in compliments, but chose not to talk about his family.

Raffaella Fico. The 20-year-old Italian model became famous thanks to the reality show "Big Brother". In 2009, the girl put her virginity up for auction. Raffaella said that she will spend the money on the purchase of housing in Rome and on training in acting. At the same time, she assured that she had never had a man. The beauties were ready to surrender to anyone who could pay her $ 1.8 million for it. Raffaella said that if she doesn't like her partner, she will simply drink a glass of wine and forget about what happened. The Neapolitan aspiring actress says she has no idea what sex is. Her family insisted that she remain a virgin for the time being, despite her aggressive sexual image.

Unigerl. The only known online pseudonym for this poor New Zealand student is "Unigerl". She managed to sell her virginity, again, to pay for university tuition. In total, about 1200 bids were made at the auction, and it was viewed by more than 30 thousand people, the last one was 32 thousand dollars. After that, "Unigerl" exclaimed that this is even more than she dreamed. The 19-year-old thanked everyone who took part in this unusual auction politely. In her proposal, the mysterious stranger described herself as attractive and healthy, never having sex. The girl would have preferred a man of athletic build, but ignored the offers to give an interview. The owner of the site said that the proposal did not violate any laws, and the police representative could not find any violations. True, this whole story has caused gossip in New Zealand society - sex work has taken on new forms, and the practice of selling virginity is simply unsafe.

Catarina Migliorini. A 20-year-old Brazilian student was able to sell her virginity in 2012 for an impressive amount of 780 thousand dollars. The winner of the online auction was Japanese Natsu, who managed to outbid the bids of two very interested Americans and Indian nouveau riches. Young Katarina argues that such a step has nothing to do with prostitution. She decided to part with innocence for money, for the sake of changing the world for the better. The girl wants to spend the received money on the construction of houses for poor families in her hometown. Katarina's agreement to film all her steps for the sale by an Australian film crew also sparked heated discussions. The Brazilian girl became the heroine of the documentary "Virgin Wanted". The operators are going to even record all her emotions before and after sexual intercourse. The one-hour meeting with the buyer should take place on an airplane flying over international waters to avoid legal complications. The use of a condom is mandatory, but Natsu's personality will remain anonymous. True, Katarina was trapped. If it turns out that she will not spend her earnings on charity, her reputation will be irretrievably damaged.

Alexander Stepanov. Who said that only female virginity is valued? A Russian guy took part in the same TV project "Virgin Wanted". Alexander decided to take part in the program in order to get rid of shyness and get rid of clinical depression. The Austrians promised the guy 20 thousand dollars for the right to remove his emotions at a crucial moment. He himself said that he dreams of a girl with a Hispanic appearance, a shy brunette. But male virginity turned out to be not so valuable - only $ 3,600 was paid for it, but the Brazilian Nene B did it. Of the eight applicants, seven generally represented this particular country.

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