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Honduras is a beautiful country with magnificent beaches, mountains covered with dense tropical forests. However, political instability and economic disruption flourish here, which, of course, leads to appalling poverty, misery and illiteracy.

In such unfavorable conditions, the family remains the main inviolable unit of society. People have no one to rely on and no one to trust, except for their loved ones.

Since childhood, Hondurans have understood that only a family is truly indestructible and only a family will help in any situation. The family in Honduras is growing even into something more global - into a clan that includes a very large number of people.

The number of such a clan is often thirty or more. The degree of interaction between different branches of such a community directly depends on the well-being of various families of a large team.

Not that the richer people refused to help the poor, but the level of generosity of the "giving" family, so to speak, depends on whether the poor family has the opportunity in the future to thank for the service. Sometimes the help lies in the fact that wealthy relatives take them for upbringing and, accordingly, for the maintenance of the children of a poorer family.

There are many different forms of marriage in Honduras. Religious marriage is also common, however, this form is not the most popular, most likely due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to get the approval of the Catholic Church to annul such a marriage.

Free relationships without any legal registration are more common. Moreover, relationships can be both monogamous and polygamous. The only thing that causes extreme disapproval is the inability of a man who has taken several women as his wives and mistresses, to take care of them and his many children.

Children can count on the support of their father only if he officially recognizes them. Men play a dominant role in the family. However, in rural settlements, a woman, if she has her own land and a more stable income than her husband's, can try on a dominant role.

It turns out simply: whoever is the main breadwinner is also the main one in the family. A woman is more involved in raising children. There are significant differences in the upbringing of different sexes.

Young girls are carefully looked after, controlled. They should not enter into any relationship with the male sex before marriage, otherwise the chances of a successful marriage will be negligible.

On the other hand, young men enjoy freedom, they are not limited in almost anything. It is believed that a man in Honduras should be independent and make his own decisions. Although both boys and girls suffer numerous cuffs and spanks from elders.

Physical abuse is not condemned as a measure of education. Children here have to grow up quickly. A couple of education classes at best, and then work.

The principle is strong here: "He who does not work, he does not eat." So the ability to read and write is held in high esteem, because not everyone in Honduras has such a high level of knowledge. Let's try to draw a typical day for an ordinary Honduran family. In the morning, the inhabitants, usually large and well-worn by more than one generation of residents, go to work at home.

Some go to the field, some go fishing, some go to the local market to shop, and some work as a seller. Some stay to do housework and look after the children, others go to the house, for example, of another kindred family, in order to do housework there.

In general, if Hondurans do hire someone to work, then ninety-nine percent of the time it will be a person with whom they are connected by some kind of related thread. Usually a representative of the older generation begins to prepare food for a large family in the morning.

In the evening, after a hard day, all family members gather for dinner, share news and gossip. Then they gather in the largest room, where the greatest value in the house is located - the TV.

A huge number of people gather in front of him, not so rich neighbors come in order to also enjoy the fruits of civilization. There is absolute silence in the house, unless football is shown.

Watching this exciting and passionately loved by the men of Honduras, the game is noisy, with the cries of enthusiastic fans. Women and children are usually expelled from the room in order not to interfere with the beloved pleasure of a strong half of humanity.

Also Hondurans love entertainment such as chess or cards. If guests come, then Hondurans must begin to perform drinking and not only songs.

Holidays in Honduras are spent with the family. Most of the holidays are held in honor of saints, patrons and patrons; faith in general plays a huge role in the life of Hondurans.

In every house, even the poorest one, there is a corner dedicated to the beloved saint. An icon, or even a cheap calendar, the main thing is to have someone to turn to for help and pray.

By the way, Hondurans have one very curious and funny holiday. Thanks to such natural disasters as a tornado passing by the sea, phenomena such as boiled fish falling from the sky occur every year.

The fish gets caught in a tornado on the sea, and then falls on the head of the local population. For several days a year, every Honduran is provided with a hearty fish soup. Of course, when food falls from the sky, it is a sin not to arrange a holiday with joy.

If we talk about the national character of Hondurans, then they are quite nice, hardworking people. Expression of politeness is especially appreciated here, long greetings with wishes of all the best are traditional.

The greatest manifestation of politeness and respect is considered to be the knowledge and listing of all the numerous names of the interlocutor. However, it is worth remembering that in an economically unfavorable country, crime is almost the norm, therefore there are many dishonest people among Hondurans.

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