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Starting a family is an important step that requires a serious approach from every person. This is a decision to enter into an independent life, create a complete family, raise children.

We all want our decision to be the right one, so that we can get exactly what we expect from it. A family is, first of all, two people close to each other, who are ready to live together for many years, to raise their children in kindness and affection.

Most European countries have already forgotten that there were ancient traditions and customs that ancestors passed on from generation to generation. All the biggest events in the family and in a person's life have always been accompanied by some kind of rituals that were supposed to give positive results.

All the benefits of civilization that we use have made us forget that our ancestors so carefully guarded. It is very rare now to see national holidays, rituals that accompany major events in human life.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the few exceptions, because this country, despite everything, has preserved everything that appeared many centuries ago. The birth of a child, a wedding or a funeral - each of these events has its own rituals, which have not changed at all during all this time.

As for every family, the birth of a child in Kyrgyzstan is the most joyful and delightful event that can only happen in a person's life. A child is an important little person who will soon continue to give birth, and therefore, even before the birth of a child, a pregnant woman receives as much care as all relatives and friends can give.

A woman in Kyrgyzstan is forbidden to do hard work around the house and around the house, she is protected from all kinds of troubles that may agitate her. She cannot leave the house without amulets, which should protect a woman from the evil eye and unkind people.

In addition, in the house where the pregnant woman lives, the fire is not extinguished day and night, because only fire can drive away evil spirits, and a gun always hangs over the woman's head. All this should protect the woman throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

A newborn in Kyrgyzstan is fed with baked cow's milk, and his first outfit is a white shirt, which is put on a dog before being put on a child. This is done to ensure that the baby has a long and happy life.

The birth of a child in Kyrgyzstan is associated with a large number of ceremonies and actions, each of which resembles a small holiday. The name of the newborn is given only after one of the oldest relatives carefully examines the child, examines his character traits.

Even the usual laying of a child in a cradle in Kyrgyzstan is also accompanied by various rituals. All actions that take place during the birth and the first days of a baby's life are somewhat mystical, because the cradle and clothes of the child are replete with a large number of various amulets from the evil eye, evil spirits and other things.

All this is done so that as many children as possible are born in the family, and so that all of them are healthy. There are various rituals for girls and boys in Kyrgyzstan.

The family makes a real holiday when the baby takes the first steps in his life. The holiday was accompanied by various ceremonies dedicated to the first independent steps of a child. Competitions are being arranged between older children, which are aimed at making the child more comfortable and learn to walk without assistance.

In addition, the transition from one age category to another in Kyrgyzstan is also accompanied by rituals, but here already, the older the child becomes, the fewer the rituals will be, and they become less extensive.

Girls in Kyrgyzstan reach adulthood by the age of 10, and then they should already behave completely differently. At this time, girls become adults and can no longer play with their peers, they must behave more modestly. The style of clothing is completely changing, which also becomes stricter and more modest.

Boys in Kyrgyzstan between the ages of 10 and 13 are also considered adults, and the time is coming when they can pass the test of the first ride on a horse. At this age, their long journey begins, when their upbringing is treated differently and most of the time boys spend with men, who bring up courage, courage, strength and agility in them. A man must become a real support for his future family, must protect his wife and children from all possible troubles.

In Kyrgyzstan, there is such a matchmaking, when a decision is made to marry children even before their birth. Thus, having reached the age of majority, children are already considered a young couple. In most cases, many people try to intermarry with families that have a lot of weight in society. The relationship of both parties is a separate conversation.

Regardless of whether the relatives of the groom and the bride are close or they have practically no communication due to personal reluctance, in any case, everyone is ready to provide any possible assistance if necessary.

This happens because before the wedding and marriage, the relatives of the bride and groom undergo a ceremony in which they swear to each other at any time to provide assistance at the first request.

Even if the marriage of the children does not take place, for whatever reason, the oath will still be fulfilled and the failed relatives will remain friends for life, no matter how much they want it.

A wedding in Kyrgyzstan is replete with various customs and rituals, each of which is interesting in its own way. Of particular interest is the custom when, before the wedding, dates are arranged for young people, during which there are entertainment programs for young people, games in which the young themselves take part. The closest friends of the bride and groom take part in such dates, who do their best to amuse the young.

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