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Luxembourg in terms of area is comparable to any one region of our country, and the population of the entire Grand Duchy with the population of our not the most average city. However, the dwarf state of Luxembourg compensates for its small size with the dignity of its people.

The people of Luxembourg are an ethnically close-knit and proud community with their own language and the best of French and German but avoiding similarities.

Many tourists note that at first glance, the inhabitants of Luxembourg give the impression of closed and too reserved people, but it turns out that this comes from innate tact, it is worth talking a little closer and it comes to the understanding that Luxembourgers are very hospitable people, and they are always ready to help than only can.

Family values ​​in Luxembourg have a certain duality. On the one hand, residents - adherents of traditions and foundations, are very conservative, they perceive everything new with difficulty and far from immediately, preferring to wait and see if this novelty is so good.

It would seem that in such a situation an analogue of our house building should reign in the families of Luxembourgers, taking into account also the fact that the majority of residents are Catholics. However, no, the mutual respect inherent in all modern Europeans does not allow manifestations of any inequality in the family, on the contrary, calmness and family happiness is based on mutual understanding and support of each other. Once again, there is a wonderful combination of all the best, taken from ancient customs and modern understanding of the foundations of marriage.

I must say that the hard work of the Luxembourgers is in their blood, absorbed with their mother's milk, they simply do not understand how it is possible not to work, even the children of local billionaires who are not employed in their parents' business work in some field from piloting passenger airliners to public service. This is not surprising to anyone in Luxembourg.

Perhaps the whole point is that this European paradise, incredibly beautiful and calm, as if created for relaxation, is actually somewhat boring during a long stay. As a result, if you do not occupy yourself at least with work, then it is not clear how else to spend time.

Since the desire for cleanliness and order is also an innate feeling among Luxembourgers, doing housework has long been not considered a purely female affair, the whole family takes a feasible and voluntary part in putting things in order in the house. No one counts washing dishes or dusting as work in Luxembourg.

Perhaps the desire for peace and a peaceful existence, which helped over the centuries to avoid assimilation under all conquerors, including the Roman Empire, was transferred to interpersonal communication, especially to the family, which is traditionally considered a stronghold of peace and tranquility. Maybe that's why incredible politeness and correctness appears in communication within the family in Luxembourg, as well as among themselves and with guests of the country.

In Luxembourg, even and almost ideal family relationships are helped by nature itself, whose beauty cannot but arouse admiration and awe. Nature here is not at all outside the city, but always close to home due to the compactness of the country itself and the reverent attitude of the indigenous people to nature.

The institution of matchmaking in Luxembourg is practically supplanted as such today, because, probably, the bulk of the population lives in cities, although those who remain in the countryside still retain this custom.

However, in the city, acquaintance with parents is an obligatory element of courtship, but the choice of a life partner and the decision to create a family are entirely at the discretion of the young, the older generation can only give tactful advice. At the same time, no one questions respect for the older generation, children simply do not know how to disobey their parents.

Duality and collectiveness, qualities that have already been mentioned above, are present even in the national cuisine, which combines the tenderness and sophistication of French cuisine, as well as the satiety and abundance of German cuisine. However, the cuisine in Luxembourg is distinctive and original, like everything in this amazing haven of tranquility.

There are also no questions about who will cook in the family, this is the priority of the one who makes it tastier, or the one who likes it more. In Luxembourg there is complete equality, by the way, among Luxembourgers there is a huge number of excellent culinary specialists, in cities there are many family cafes and pastry shops, whose products are a pleasure to taste.

The owners and employees of such establishments themselves say that, firstly, if it is not tasty today, then tomorrow there will be no customers, and secondly, selling tasteless food for money is simply a sign of bad upbringing.

So, all the best qualities, such as tact, hospitality and respect, are laid down in a Luxembourgish family. Catholicism also helps to a certain extent, all major church holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, are celebrated in the family, birthdays are also indispensable without numerous relatives.

In Luxembourg, there is no American tradition of separating children from their parents as soon as they reach the age of 18. The younger generation is in no hurry to leave the parental home, living with the elders, young people work and rest as they see fit, build their careers, visit clubs and theaters, do what they like.

Nightlife in Luxembourg exists only for tourists, the indigenous people prefer more conservative and relaxed forms of recreation, such as cycling or hiking. By the way, Luxembourgers also love to ride bicycles with their families, but there is no excessive fanaticism in this hobby, like some other European nations.

Regularity and moderation, together with a love of order and unobtrusive liveliness of character, are the components of the family happiness of Luxembourgers.

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