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Not all men are able to win glory for themselves on the battlefield or in political battles. In addition, the fame of a lover walks ahead of him, forcing other women to wonder what others have found in him? We will tell below about the most famous lovers in the history of mankind.

Caligula. The political activities of this emperor were extremely controversial. He indulged in feasts and led a carefree life. Rome was levied with taxes that the ruler demanded for his festivities. But Caligula was also distinguished by an irrepressible passion for love pleasures, including very cruel ones. Historians say that he even got along with his sisters. One of them was seduced by Caligula as a teenager. The emperor married three times, while he forced his spouses to divorce their previous husbands. On the one hand, Caligula was extremely jealous, forbidding ex-wives to meet with other men, and on the other, he forced his sisters to please their subordinates, later calling them depraved. The emperor had no particular sexual preferences, they even say that he loved his horse, even bringing him to the Senate. Tinto Brass's film Caligula tells the story of Caligula's debauchery. The very same life of the emperor-lover ended badly - he was killed.

Louis XV. The king became one of France's most famous lovers. Until the age of 15, he was brought up in piety, and he did not even pay attention to the opposite sex. Louis fell in love with his first wife Maria Leshchinskaya at first sight. He spent so much time with her that she constantly became pregnant, eventually giving birth to ten children. But over time, the king ceased to be faithful to her. The Marquis Maria de Mayi became his mistress. From that moment on, the king discovered the world of sexual pleasures, where you can fantasize and enjoy the fulfillment of your desires. Maria threw parties that turned into orgies. Louis began to change his mistresses like gloves. He fulfilled all their requests, presenting them with titles, making them secular ladies. Even in military campaigns, together with the king, there was a place for his passions. After the death of his wife, the love ardor of the king subsided somewhat until he met Madame Poisson. She turned out to be his main mistress for many years, and the king himself bestowed on her the title of Marquise de Pompadour. At the same time, the lady turned out to be not only depraved, but also not jealous. So in parallel with it, Louis kept the Deer Park. In his Versailles park a complex of small houses was arranged, where the royal "goats", his mistresses, lived at full board.

Giacomo Casanova. The name of this hero lover has become synonymous with male sexuality. Although he is considered the greatest, most loving, romantic and brilliant man, Casanova's image is largely inspired by legends. He himself lost his mother early, his aunt raised the Italian. She tried to make the young man well-mannered, gallant and educated. It was these weapons that helped him conquer women. According to legend, Casanova experienced his first sexual experience at the age of 11 with a servant, and at the age of 15 he could seduce any woman and, most importantly, satisfy all her wishes. Another legend says that for the first time an Italian knew a woman only at the age of 21. It was a prostitute who taught him all the secrets of lovemaking. They say that at first Casanova only gratified those women who did not know men at all or were widowed. Naturally, the unfortunate ladies fell madly in love with the ardent and gallant gentleman. For 20 years in high society, Casanova seduced about 1000 ladies. The seducer treated each of them in a special way, finding his own approach. Casanova left interesting and detailed descriptions about his life, which give an excellent idea of ​​the mores and life at that time. The lover himself died in poverty and loneliness.

Marquis de Sade. This man's name gave rise to the term sadism. Although he himself was not bloodthirsty at all. In the middle of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, France had a very diverse life. The palaces were overwhelmed not only with intrigue, but also with love passions. Both husbands and wives easily cheated on each other. In those days, the aristocrat-philosopher Marquis de Sade also pressed. He preached the idea of ​​complete freedom, believing that a person should not be shackled by religion, law or morality. The Marquis believed that the main thing in life is to have fun. And amorous pleasures occupied the main place. De Sade himself took pleasure in seeing perverted sexual activities. He loved to hurt his mistresses, to whip them. De Sade became famous for feeding his passions with an aphrodisiac Span fly. He sat in the Bastille and even in insane asylums. However, the Marquis's behavior was not particularly different from his fellow aristocrats. Even after his marriage, he walked on the side, which was the reason to put him in prison for indecent behavior. The Marquis wrote Philosophy in the Boudoir. This book, like the rest of his writings, is best read at age 21. As a result, the famous "Marseilles case" was brought against the loving aristocrat. Three ladies testified against him, who said that violence was perpetrated against them in a perverse form. But the marquis managed to escape from the police, continuing to engage in not quite normal love joys. De Sade lived a long life, even managing to walk through the crucibles of the French Revolution. However, his last years he lived in poverty and disease.

Peter I. It is believed that this Russian tsar was power-hungry, strong and eccentric. In love affairs, Peter was strong and persistent, preferring to deal with German women and other European women. The tsar married at the age of 17, but preferred his wife to military and sea hobbies. Peter liked simple and reliable women. Anna Mons became his mistress, and he forgot to think about his legal wife, not even answering her letters. The king was very jealous and when he learned about the betrayal of his lady, he immediately drove her away. During one of the military campaigns, Peter met the servant Martha. The girl took a liking to the king, was baptized and began to be called Catherine. This love passion became so impetuous and passionate that Peter did not let go of his passion from himself. She accompanied him on all campaigns. Although their marital relationship became tender and sensual, Peter continued to meet with other women. Catherine herself introduced the tsar to them, keeping the hobbies of the impulsive spouse under her control. Although the official cause of the king's death was his cold, earned by building a new city, it is rumored that syphilis is to blame. Peter earned it in the course of his love affairs.

Grigory Orlov. The Russian empresses had many lovers and favorites. But the most daring and even impudent of them was Grigory Orlov. He was tall and superbly built. This enabled the count to conquer many women. He was in the forefront both on the battlefield and at the palace. The young man really liked Catherine, the future empress. But her unlucky husband, the king, interfered with her. Then Grigory Orlov leads the coup and brings his beloved to power. Catherine showered him with money and titles. But Orlov begins to demand that she keep her promises and marry him. The Empress was embarrassed by Orlov's audacious actions and words, humiliating her in the eyes of her subjects. She eventually cooled down to her former lover. And he continued to win victories on the love front. The famous poem by Ivan Barkov was written about Grigory Orlov. It tells in detail about his relationship with Catherine, including sexually.

Alexander Pushkin. The most famous Russian poet became famous for his love lyrics. Who does not know his "I remember a wonderful moment ..." dedicated to Anna Kern. Each poem of the poet was about that selfless and strong feeling that he had for women. Pushkin began his passion for them at the age of lyceum. He starts new romances, is jealous, flirts. When the poet entered the highest Petersburg society and received his share of fame, he was simply overwhelmed by a wave of love. He was fond of many ladies, including the sisters of his friends. A really serious romance was the relationship with Evdokia Golitsyna, who was 20 years older than Pushkin. Being exiled to the south, Pushkin continues to seduce women, including married and noble ones. The poet also experiences an unusual feeling - he falls in love with three Raevsky sisters at once. For his love affairs, Pushkin was even expelled from Odessa. Deciding to settle down and marry, the poet falls into despondency, because he received several refusals. But sixteen-year-old Natalya Goncharova agreed to become his wife, and the poet himself fell madly in love with her. Not only his poems, but also numerous letters, memoirs of contemporaries told us about the poet's love.

Grigory Rasputin. This man appeared at the court of the emperor in an extremely mysterious way. Having met him by chance, the two Grand Duchesses could no longer part with him, bringing him to court. Rasputin's life is full of gossip and secrets. He was considered a healer and predictor, knew how to convince people. At that time, all the ladies of St. Petersburg adored the elder. He himself skillfully used this, realizing his love passion. They say that almost all the noble women of the capital visited his bed. At the same time, Rasputin allowed himself to humiliate them. But the women still sought to meet with him. Gregory indulged in frivolity right in front of their husbands, kissing the ladies and touching them in different places. But he got away with it all, because he was the favorite of the empress herself. Many husbands themselves even arranged a meeting with their spouses with Rasputin, hoping in this way to earn the favor of an influential person. Sometimes his wife from the village came to visit the elder, but he was not at all embarrassed by her. Secular women were also a source of information for him, transmitted in the form of gossip. Rasputin did not disdain the services of prostitutes, organizing real orgies in his house.

Lavrenty Beria. This all-powerful minister of the USSR had many women. But he won them not with his charm, but with strength. Many people, having received power, begin to demand everything from life, even officially prohibited. Such was Beria. He literally went crazy with women, becoming not only one of the most famous lovers in history, but also the main rapist. Beria raped his future wife right in the train compartment when she came to him for help. Using his power, the minister constantly made new mistresses. Sitting in the car, he chose young girls on the street, after which the state security officers brought them to his home. Fear of the all-powerful Beria made women surrender and keep quiet about what had happened. The politician did not even hesitate to settle at home one of his mistresses with his child. After the arrest, Beria had nine lists with the names of his mistresses. Only there were 62 names. But later, more than 700 women declared that they were the mistresses of this terrible man.

Jimmy Hendrix. Women are always attracted to creative people. And they usually did not suffer from a lack of love feelings. After all, this gave them a new impetus for creativity. At one time, musician Jimi Hendrix became a real hero-lover. This black musician also had an admixture of Indian blood. Unusual appearance, talent and outrageous behavior attracted fans to him, who literally deified him. World fame made him a real target for enthusiastic female fans. They say that he surpassed both Casanova and Pushkin in the number of mistresses. Hendrix had between one and two thousand mistresses! But he lived only 28 years. But Jimmy was also looking for a serious relationship. So, in England, Katie Etchingham was waiting for him. The passionate romance lasted three years. Both partners were extremely jealous, it even came to a fight. Devon Wilson became not only his sex partner, but also a secretary, pimp and drug dealer. Jimmy dedicated one of his songs to her. But Monica Danneman, the singer even dedicated a whole concert to his last passion. Hendrix became the first black sex symbol. To quench his love ardor, he beat his mistresses, broke furniture and musical instruments. They say that Hendrix, redeeming his guilt, lubricated his penis with a drug, after which the girls received simply unearthly orgasms. And sleeping with a woman for him was as commonplace as smoking a cigarette for an ordinary person. Jimmy's mistresses said that his love instrument was almost the same size as a musical one. It's amazing how, in pursuit of skirts, Hendrix also managed to create. His legacy turned out to be so great that it has not even been published to this day.

Charlie Chaplin. This person on the screen looked small, awkward and defenseless. But in life he was completely different. The great actor's addiction was very doubtful - he adored young girls. At the same time, Chaplin also married them. This love addiction caused him a lot of trouble, but thanks to his celebrity, he always came out dry, like his character. Chaplin learned to conquer women so well that for this talent he even called himself "the eighth wonder of the world." Only now the actor believed that it is much easier for a grown man to seduce a young nymphet than an experienced and adult woman. Chaplin made an impression on girls with fashionable clothes and luxurious cars. Although the actor himself tried to prevent his love affairs from interfering with his work. In total, Chaplin had about two hundred women, he was married four times. The last of his 10 children was born when the actor was already 75 years old.

Jack Nicholson. The Hollywood star was once married. After six years of torment, he realized that it was not his. At the age of twenty, Nicholson was at the height of his fame. The actor showed himself as a real lover, easily starting new and new intrigues. About a thousand women visited his bed, including Madonna and Meryl Streep. It is easy for Jack to bewitch the ladies, because he has a truly demonic look and knows how to make relationships sensual. But gallantry can suddenly end and then Nicholson simply puts his former friends out the door. But even such a prospect does not discourage those who want to touch the great talent. The actor himself says that he did not love everyone with whom he slept. Nevertheless, Jack was always a gentleman in bed. This is what women will appreciate in him. Nicholson says that he never pays for sex, as any woman is ready to sleep with him. His mistresses say that he is a fantastic man, because he thinks only about how to please his girlfriend. The actor was nominated for an Oscar twelve times and received it three times. And the women gave him five children.

Honore de Balzac. Balzac remained single all his life, having married six months before his death to the Russian Countess Evelina Ganskaya. And for the first time, the writer fell in love with a 45-year-old woman, the mother of his student. But everyone thought that Balzac went to that house for the sake of a beautiful young girl. The writer preferred to conquer the ladies from high society; many countesses and duchesses visited his arms. Balzac's main weapon was his writing talent.He started a correspondence with his chosen one. Just a few letters were enough to melt the respondent's heart. Then the woman herself came to his house. Inaccessible high-born ladies could hold out for years, but in the end Balzac still won. He himself wrote that extraordinary women can only be captivated with the help of intelligence and a noble character. The writer preferred mature, forty-year-old women. In his opinion, they are ready for anything for the sake of their chosen one. But young twenty-year-old ladies really can not give a man anything. That is why the female age of 30-40 years is called balzac. The writer compared women to a well-set table, at which a man looks differently before and after meals.

Mao Zedong. The only official Chinese leader has been married four times. In total, according to estimates by his biographer, Mao had 1-2 thousand partners. The Great Pilot was distinguished by an increased sexual appetite, which remained with him throughout his difficult life. And while in power, satisfying your sexual desires was not very difficult. We can only envy the activity of Mao in his ninth decade of life, given that then there were simply no drugs that prolong sex life. The politician said that there was neither sky nor law above him. In this case, it was not only about political activity, but also about sexual promiscuity. After the death of Mao Zedong, many women said they were raising his children, demanding allowances from the government for this.

Woody Allen. The appearance of this Hollywood director does not imply a playboy in him. Meanwhile, several hundred women have been in his bed. He himself was married three times, and his last wife is the adopted daughter of his previous wife. To win over women, Woody uses his unconventional mind and the most ordinary appearance. It was complexes that pushed him in search of new passions, divorces and numerous new novels. But not every handsome Hollywood man can do this. Woody Allen himself claimed that it is easier for him to shoot those with whom he had an intimate relationship. That is why most of the movie stars have been in his bed.

Vladimir Mayakovsky. Although the Soviet poet did not manage to get married, he managed to sleep with about 200-300 women. Mayakovsky chose an uncomplicated method of seduction. He simply crushed any defense with his pressure. The women preferred to give up, as the poet literally pursued them. Contemporaries said that in conversation Mayakovsky literally intoxicated, so strong was his gift of persuasion. True, after another passion, he still returned to the same one - Lilya Brik, his friend's wife. At one time they even lived in three. Lilya recalls that Vladimir not only fell in love with her, but literally attacked her. For two and a half years she did not have a single calm moment. She was even frightened by unbridled passion and assertiveness. And the poet's love had no boundaries. When Lilya made love to her husband, Mayakovsky was even locked in the kitchen, from where he burst out, scratched and even cried.

Lev Landau. The great Soviet physicist was married, but this did not prevent him from remaining a great and lover. In total, he had affairs with about 400-500 women. Landau was by nature rather timid. To overcome his complexes, he began dating women. He liked it so much that he could not stop. The physicist combined work with the pursuit of new women. They say that he even demanded from his colleagues that they supply him with more and more partners. At the same time, he divided women interesting to him into beautiful, pretty and interesting. They were a kind of first, second and third grade. Beautiful must have had a straight nose, and for pretty ones a snub nose was allowed. The fourth class of ladies bore the meaningful name "reprimand to parents", and the fifth in general - "for repetition - execution". The scientist even created his own theory, which explained how a man should build his personal life. Landau believed that he was allowed everything in love. And when he got married, he immediately announced to his wife that she should not be jealous and reproach him for treason. But perhaps it was the numerous mistresses that allowed the physicist to open up creatively and receive the Nobel Prize.

Frank Sinatra. The great American singer was married 4 times, and with his last wife he lived to the end of his days. However, the number of his mistresses is off scale. They say that Sinatra had at least a thousand, including Marilyn Monroe herself. The singer did not need some kind of aphrodisiac, he just turned women on with his voice and the appearance of a real American gangster. When Sinatra appeared on the stage, every woman in the hall suddenly realized that he was singing only for her. The singer looked like a classic bandit of the 1929 model. He had bright eyes, and his movements felt springy steel. And Frank spoke through clenched teeth. The singer dressed in exceptional chic, he wore expensive dark shirts and ties with a white pattern. His most expensive cufflinks cost $ 30,000. Sinatra lived a long life, in which there was a place for fame, mafia, money and of course women.

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