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In an effort to look unusual, people acquire fashionable things. Sometimes fashion borders on recklessness, which will be discussed below.

Feischini. All beauties know that the sun's rays are dangerous for the skin, especially the face. What to do? Some try to leave the premises as little as possible, while others opt for sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats. But in China, they found their solution to this problem - feyskini. It is essentially a head mask that perfectly complements a body swimsuit. Those who like to relax on the beach with the help of facekini need not be afraid that their face will burn. Now, this mask is used to protect the skin of women along the entire coast of the East China Sea in Shandong province. And they came up with such a mask in 2005, it is now mass-produced and you can buy it in swimwear stores right on the beaches. Such unusual fashionable things cost from one and a half to four dollars. It should be noted that in addition to the main anti-scald function, feiscini also protect well from insects and jellyfish.

Fake braces. Fashion trends are often beyond the bounds of understanding. For example, what has always seemed shameful suddenly turns out to be fashionable. An example of this is braces. These accessories have always been ridiculed, but now ordinary teenagers began to consider them quite fashionable. And for children in China, Thailand and Indonesia, they have become part of the youth claim for modernity. Although this seems very strange, this trend is understandable. In Asia, braces can only be worn by wealthy, stylish and status people. Real orthodontist products are not cheap; a set of them in Bangkok costs about $ 1200. That is why children want to wear braces, even if they are fake, imitating their more status peers. Today, braces are popular with young celebrities and icons as well. Worn on the teeth of the wire by the Thai singer "Earn the Star" and the favorite of girls in Indonesia Andika Kangen. Photos of singer Gwen Stefani, who wore braces back in the 1990s, are popular on sites in Southeast Asia. She recently confessed that she wore them for fashion, which further increased the interest in these accessories among Asian children. At the same time, there are a lot of those among them who, in principle, do not need braces. These teenagers use fake braces to keep up with the times and fashion. There are quite a few "fakes" on the market, which cost much less than the original - about $ 100. And for their use, you do not need to consult a dentist; you can install such accessories even in a regular beauty salon. And even with your own hands, you can make yourself more fashionable by installing fake braces. In the Asian markets, special kits are presented that will help you decorate your teeth even at home. It is interesting that such braces are produced not only in different colors, but also in different designs. Girls are very popular with “Hello, Kitty” “Mickey Mouse”, as well as just flowers.

Pointed shoes. The Mexicans have recently come into vogue with pointy toe boots "Botas picudas Mexicanas". They stand out with their elongated socks. This fashionable shoe has become popular not only in Mexico, but also in America since 2009. For young people, the addiction to shoes with long noses has literally become a fetish. It got to the point that the tips were literally twisted into a spiral. They say that such boots first appeared in the city of Matehuala in the north-east of the country. Here young people began to appear more and more often in unusual guachero shoes. It is believed that the length of the nose of such boots determines the coolness of their wearers. Across Mexico, club youth now prefer to wear these trendy shoes. It is customary to wear cowboy clothes with her - a hat, jeans, belts and shirts. From the outside, the image may seem clownish, but the Mexican himself is quite to his liking. It is also customary to wear a guachero with skinny jeans that visually lengthen the sock. Record boots reach a length of two meters. And this shape is achieved thanks to the attached ordinary rubber hoses. They are covered with leather and brightly colored. The price for making guatero from ordinary boots starts at $ 30.

Glasses without lenses. If earlier people laughed at the “bespectacled people”, today this accessory is considered quite stylish, inherent in smart people. In Hong Kong and other Asian countries, glasses are generally all the rage. But in order not to spoil their eyesight, they are still worn without lenses. In Asia, it is not uncommon to see people with brightly colored plastic frames that match the style of their clothes or hair. It may seem strange to many why people with normal vision wear glasses, but there are even several reasons for this. For example, popular Asian radio host Chu Fang says she likes to wear blank frames as they shape her look with her outfit. In addition, this is a practical solution, because when there is no time for makeup, glasses without lenses perfectly hide circles under the eyes. And such glasses will never dazzle and fog up, mascara or false eyelashes will not stick to them. But the cause of serving the image, they serve excellently. Chu herself, she said, already has four of these accessories in pink, red, black and purple.

Sweater pants. When winter comes, people don't really follow fashion, pulling on warm sweaters and pants. So why not stand out with ironic clothing that mixes both. This is how sweaters, or sweater-pants, appeared. To make them, you will need to donate your favorite sweater and start acting according to the method of Stephen May. And the sense of style with internal contradictions will have to be muted. And let the surrounding people smile, and the inner voice screams in horror! But how warm!

Fake facial hair. The beard has always been considered a symbol of courage, it is not surprising that it is still raised today. Unfortunately, not all guys manage to do this, because a person may simply not be genetically predisposed to growing a beard. It either slowly grows or appears in patches, preventing the formation of beautiful vegetation. But now there is a great option instead - fake facial hair. The Japanese company "Propia Hige" produces fake beard kits. This is essentially self-adhesive hair. True, to get a thick beard of Santa Claus will not work. Not only are the products produced exclusively in black, which immediately removes blondes and redheads from among the client, but also the beards are rather thin. You won't be able to recreate dense vegetation, and a stylish beard - why not?

Decorations with live animals. Carrying dogs in handbags is no longer fashionable. Dutch artist Cecilia Valentin has created a concept capsule collection of accessories. These are strange, but at the same time brilliant and certainly very living things. We can mention at least two accessories from Valentina's collection. "Fur Live" is a small birdcage, which is located directly on the headband. True, only one bird can fit there, and even it has very little space. A hollow necklace can be worn around the neck, where a small pet is placed - a hamster, hermit crab or a mouse. In this case, the living jewelry has at least some room for movement.

Robot tail. Through the movement of animals' tails, we can understand how they feel. Modern designers decided to give such an opportunity to a person, because we have no tails. This is how the "Tailly" robot tail was born, invented by Shota Ishiwatari. The smart device uses sensors located along the inner side of the base belt to measure the heart rate and detect when a person is worried. When the heartbeat increases, the tail immediately begins to wag. And when the heart calms down, then the tail stops active movements.

Penis warmers. Knitting professionals can make good money. After all, hand-made things are both stylish and fashionable, and in the case of winter clothes - also warm. Radmila Kus considers herself a real fan of knitting. She was able to find herself and actively began to make money on the latest fashion trends. The woman began to crochet custom-made penis warmers. In the remote mountainous region of Croatia, Mrkopal, there has long been a tradition when women knitted warm covers in order to keep the most delicate male parts of the body from severe frosts. And Radmila Kus simply revived a long tradition. It all started with innocent knitting of slippers for tourists, but penis heaters were much more in demand. Soon, so many orders fell on the woman that she herself did not have time to fulfill them. So Radmila hired several knitters at once. Also, an enterprising woman opened an hour and a half seminars, showing everyone how these fashionable and popular accessories are made.

Pants with mosquito net. These pants can be worn directly over the shorts, which is very convenient. Such clothes are not only fashionable, but also effective. Mesh pants prevent mosquitoes from reaching their desired human body. It would seem that there is a simple alternative - regular pants. But how, then, show off your sexy legs? These same clothes allow you to simultaneously be fashionable and keep your skin intact, and not comb the bites. The pants are made of a thin 1.2 mm mesh, which makes the clothes both comfortable and really "breathable". Air freely passes through small cells, but annoying insects no longer.

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