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Meaning of the name

Felix means "happy" in Latin.


Since childhood, Felix is ​​my mother's darling and favorite. She spoils him as best she can, forgives all the pranks. Father is strict with Felix, so he tries to avoid him. At school, Felix is ​​a good student, he has some abilities, but laziness does not allow him to achieve great results. Felix often argues with teachers, but he usually ends these discussions with hysterics and tears.

In adult Felix, the duality and complexity of his nature is only strengthening. Felix is ​​very selfish, however, for a while, he manages to hide it.

Felix, getting acquainted, becomes a very sweet and sociable guy, only with those people who can further help him achieve his goal.

From the profession, as well as from life, Felix wants "everything at once". He is looking for a job that will bring him moral satisfaction, and a large income, and constant, rapid advancement in the career.

Felix has a slightly overestimated self-esteem, he likes to boast, does not consider it necessary to fulfill other people's requests and promises.

Born in the summer, Felix is ​​more hardworking and persistent, but less fortunate in his professional life.

Felix marries for love, but the benefits in such a marriage are still present. His wife must be beautiful, sexy, financially secure, have a significant position in society.

Felix is ​​the leader in the family, but believes that the wife has a say. Felix often cheats on his wife, but reacts to her betrayal extremely painfully.


Outwardly, Felix gives the impression of a confident man with vast experience in the erotic field. However, in sex, Felix is ​​vulnerable, sensitive, emotional, he needs his partner to constantly maintain in him the confidence that he is a real "macho".

Felix is ​​looking for a woman with the same temperament as his. His beloved should be tactful, understanding, not demanding.

Felix always strives to bring his partner to orgasm, and repeatedly. Felix does not tolerate women suffering from frigidity, he does not like long efforts in sex.

In a relationship with a woman, Felix is ​​a real tyrant. He is demanding, he has a strong sense of ownership. Felix treats his sexual failures as a slight annoying misunderstanding.

Felix collects his "victories" and loves to brag about them among his friends. He gets upset if someone has more "wins" than he does. Felix immediately seeks to correct this order of things.


Dark aquamarine.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Felix gives the impression of something complex, dark, hot.

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