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Meaning of the name

Harry translated from Old English means "rich house".


It is hard to imagine that this romantic cowboy image would pass by a modern Russian child, I don’t know for what reasons he was named by the name Harry, which is extremely rare for Russia.

However, although the name is rare, it is often given as a rather respectful nickname, in particular Igor is sometimes called that. Although little Garik is often sick, he does not deliver any special worries to his parents. At school he has many friends - Garik does not seek to rule over them, he is tolerant and immersed in himself.

These boys are gifted with many talents: they are good at drawing, constructing aircraft models, sculpting, playing chess, very capable of mathematics and languages. Looks like a mother, and with age, this similarity becomes especially noticeable.

Indeed, the energy of the name is literally imbued with the spirit of heroism and courage, and it is unlikely that this will not flatter Garik's pride. Most likely, he will inevitably begin to try to copy the images of movie boys and, having a rather explosive temperament, will try to look calm and balanced.

By the way, this will help him avoid many conflicts: after all, a restrained strength of character usually does not cause anything in people but respect.

Usually, Harry grows up to be a fairly independent person who also has a sense of humor. He is good-natured, but he is unlikely to want to give in to anyone in a dispute, and even more so to recognize someone's primacy and superiority.

This may complicate his career somewhat, but an independent Harry most often prefers to do an independent business, in which, due to his natural qualities, he is able to achieve significant success.

However, a lot depends on how successfully he overcomes his explosive temperament and channel his energy in some constructive direction.

Harry is happily married because he has enough patience. Harry is a jealous husband, he is selfish and able to argue with his wife over trifles. The wives of these men are very emotional persons with a complex character.

Outwardly, they are always calm, love peace, a measured way of life. If they get divorced, they don't marry again. In their family, the leaders are wives. They are very hospitable, they love feasts and noisy companies.

They are easy to communicate and remain so, even when they become big bosses. They are kind and sometimes suffer from over-responsiveness.

Succumb to bad habits. They drive a car well and love to repair it themselves. A bit grumpy. Sexy and do not marry for a long time.


He is charming and sociable, enjoys success with women. He needs love more than many men. In sexual relations, he is modest, for a long time he cannot find an approach to a woman and explain to her. Having chosen a partner, he tends to idealize her, rarely breaks the connection on his own initiative, not wanting to burden himself with troubles in search of a new girlfriend.

He is in dire need of tenderness and affection, is frank in intimate relationships, loves to discuss sexual topics with his beloved. With pleasure he accepts her admiration, grateful for the recognition of his manhood. Then he is the most magnanimous and generous partner.

He makes love in a cozy atmosphere, prefers soft lighting, light music. The slightest interference annoys him.

Harry needs a patient, balanced friend who could share with him the hardships of life, listen to his opinion. Harry builds his relationship with his partner on a spiritual disposition to each other, a sense of camaraderie and trust. Harry does not feel the need to emphasize his masculine strength, in sex he feels easy and at ease.

He will never offend a woman, even if she could not satisfy him, he is kind and condescending. He will try to understand the reason for the incompatibility, find an option that suits both.

Harry has sexual relations with many women throughout his life, but his goal is not to collect love victories, it is just that his fate develops. It is difficult for him to find his ideal, he hesitates for a long time to start a family, and many women do not want to wait.

Harry strives for complete personal freedom, is not able to obey generally accepted norms, will not do anything under duress. He tries to avoid contact with obsessive women, does not tolerate pressure.

Harry knows how to enjoy intimacy with a partner, choose the best option, style and rhythm of intercourse. A supporter of the ritual in intimate relationships, he knows how to turn the evening into a kind of holiday.

With a woman who corresponds to his ideal, he tries to strengthen relations, although he does not give her any promises. He gets the greatest pleasure from fellatio, knows how to satisfy the most demanding partner. He is looking for a sexual spouse, believing that sex is the most important moment in family life.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of Harry's name gives the impression of something courageous, powerful, strong, bright.

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