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Meaning of the name

Gerasim is translated from Old Byzantine as "respected".


As a child, Gerasim is a calm, kind, silent, but loving boy. He is very fond of quiet games, loves to listen to fairy tales and long interesting stories and adventures. Gerasim can spend hours sculpting or painting.

Gerasim is a very sensitive child, he is worried for a long time if he gets a bad mark at school. He takes homework or any assignment very seriously and carefully.

Gerasim grows up to be a kind and sympathetic person, somewhat simple-minded and overly trusting. He sometimes himself becomes a victim of his kindness. Gerasim is not spoiled by fate, he himself works hard to achieve his goal. Gerasim never complains, often those around him are sure that everything is easy for him.

Gerasim belongs to the category of a decent and honest careerist, which in itself is a great rarity. In any competition, he respects only an honest and noble struggle, he is always ready to help a competitor, he himself does not pretend to be anyone's place.

Gerasim is surrounded by talented people. He is constantly improving himself, studying, studying special literature.

Gerasim marries late, long and carefully chooses a spouse. Gerasim's family is strong, friendly. Children grow up in an atmosphere of joy, respect, peace and friendliness, they know a lot, they are interested in everything.


Gerasim is not very skilled in sex games, but, nevertheless, he easily wins. Very vulnerable, sensitive and careful in contact with partners. He seeks to learn all forms of sexual relations, gain experience.

Gerasim, because of his modesty, chooses a woman older than him, more experienced, but at the same time affectionate and delicate. Unexpectedly, he may show some previously hidden abilities that make him free and liberated in sex.

If it happens that at the first intimacy with a woman, he is defeated, this does not lead him to sexual stress, but only increases the desire to meet his only one.

Gerasim does not like to often change friends, this does not correspond to his beliefs and moral principles, moreover, he is cautious and indecisive. In intimacy, he tries to choose a position so that his partner experiences an orgasm, doing it gently, very delicately and naturally.

Enjoying carnal love, Gerasim is in no hurry to be the first to finish the sexual act. His tenderness and passion enhances the partner's arousal, her desire to prolong foreplay.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Gerasim gives the impression of something angular, safe, small, warm.

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