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There are many interesting things in the world. At the same time, if a funny hobby of one person does not arouse special attention, then the activities of a whole club of eccentrics are already in sight.

Such associations of people not only publicly demonstrate their adherence to habits, but may even put forward some demands. We will tell below about the most unusual interest clubs.

Club 13. In the English "Club 13" it is customary to break mirrors, sprinkle salt, light a cigarette from one match three of us. The community member will definitely open umbrellas on the premises. Signs are not scary for their colleagues from New York, where people certainly dine in the company of 13 black cats.

Bald Club. The Bald Club was formed in Germany. It would seem, what complaints can people who have lost their hair have against the authorities? The club's board, however, has officially asked the government to give free wigs to all those who have bald under 40. This will help people cope with hair loss more easily.

Doubles club. There is a Double Club in New York. To enter there, you must meet simple requirements - to be like some kind of celebrity. As a result, 7 Churchills and 11 Eisenhowers have already gathered in the club. We can only hope that the club is not accepted to conduct political disputes.

Pedestrian club. In the same New York, since 1964, there has been a Pedestrian Club. True, it consisted of only two people. Over time, both the president and the treasurer of the club acquired cars. As a result, society naturally ceased to exist.

Short people club. An unusual community exists in Spain. The Club of short people consists of 45 people. It is customary there to actively fight for the rights of its members. In particular, one of the goals of the club is to provide all its members with permanent theater tickets for the first three rows.

Divorced Club. There is a Divorced Club in New York with a highly developed network of branches. There are branches of the organization in the country in 30 other cities. In addition to providing psychological assistance to the victims, the club also conducts legislative activities. He recently raised the issue of revising the divorce law. The club members did not like the part that allows the defaulters to go to jail.

Singles club. But in Holland there is an antipode - the Singles Club. Over time, it was even reorganized into a political party. The club even decided to seriously fight for seats in parliament. An elegant campaign-slogan was used: "Dutch bachelors consider their life an ideal form and are ready to fight in the name of it!"

Professional losers club. The Professional Losers Club was established in London. His first meeting was attended by booed actors, unrecognized artist geniuses, unknown musicians and lawyers who did not save their clients from execution.

Mother-in-law protection club. In Argentina, people have united in the Mother-in-law Protection Club. Today there are already 137 members. All of them are exemplary sons-in-law who cannot tolerate resentment towards the mothers of their wives.

A club of husbands oppressed by their wives. For over 70 years in England there has been a glorious Club of Husbands, oppressed by their wives. Thousands of men are secret admirers of the organization, but only 40 people are officially in it. Only half of the members attended one of the last conventions in Yorkshire. The rest of the letters and telegrams explained the reason for the absence very simply: "My wife did not let go."

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