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Meaning of the name

Gelena translated from Polish (Polish version of the name Elena) means "light".


These girls are born very weak, sometimes with physical disabilities. They grow painful, with poor appetite. However, they study well at school, and then continue their studies at universities. They are kind and benevolent to people, although life does not spoil them.

Some Gehlen do not have their first marriage, while others never get married at all. But they are wonderful housewives, loving home, able to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort around them. Gelena is hospitable and hospitable, economical and thrifty, her pantries are full of all kinds of pickles and preserves.

Born in winter, with a heavy temper, stubborn and distrustful, unusually hardworking and achieve everything with their own labor. Very observant.

Born in the fall, they are calculating, with a commercial streak. They do not tolerate unnecessary people and themselves are an example of commitment and decency. They achieve a certain position in society, despite the fact that they are deprived of career aspirations.

Gelens are endowed with a logical mindset and do not commit rash acts, having a good understanding of people. Intuition is well developed. Gelena is very curious.

This is a secretive nature, immersed in itself. Prefers beautiful to clever. It is difficult to find a common language with her. Gelena loves to cook. In the circle of relatives and friends, she will sing and dance.


Gelena begins to show early interest in the intimate side of life, although the interest is still theoretical. She tries to understand her biological roots, define her attitude to sex, get an idea of ​​sex life and partnerships - she tries to read about all this in the literature.

Gelena encounters the practice of sex much later. Gelena has a huge need for male affection, she puts it above the sexual capabilities of a man.

Gelena can break up with a partner if she lacks affection, even if she receives sexual satisfaction from him. She herself, in return, knows how to give her partner a sea of ​​unique sensations, anticipating all his desires, showing amazing emotional relaxedness.

Born in winter, she is often promiscuous in her sexual relationships: as soon as she gets acquainted with a man, she can go to the bedroom and spend a stormy night with him, and in the morning she will not consider this a reason to continue dating.

If she does not have a permanent partner, she is able to enter into sexual contact, simply to relieve sexual tension, out of the conviction that abstinence is unhealthy.

She never perceives her connections as licentiousness, if she meets a person who suits her "in body and soul", will remain faithful to him. She knows how to appreciate a partner and be grateful to him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini.


The sound of Gelena's name gives the impression of something safe, hot, small, funny, bright.

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