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Something about money

True love does not pay for rent.

Caution Against Prayer

If he is praying on the ground on which you are treading, it means that he is interested in the land plots and other real estate of your parents.

Real attraction

The more he succeeds, the better he looks.

The effectiveness of sexual pathogens

Mankind has tried many stimulants. The only one that is actually effective is money.

Wise thoughts about clothing

Clothes do not paint a person if this person is a man. But if this is a woman, then how she paints.

Eternal companion

Here's the surest way to have a handsome man on you all the time: visit a tattoo parlor.

Axioms of beauty

1. The more muscles he has, the smaller his brain.

2. The prettier he is, the more self-satisfied - and the more disappointed you will be when you finally hear what he says and how.

The laws of appearance

1. Beauty is superficial.

2. Ugliness - no.

Laws of appearance-2

1. Beauty passes.

2. Ugliness - no.

Decoy hunting

The chances of meeting a handsome guy are higher if:

1. You are wearing simple glass glasses instead of contact lenses.

2. Your hair is in complete disarray.

3. You have just put on two or three pounds.

Hunt for decoy-2

The chances of meeting a handsome guy are greatly increased if you go along with:

1. Your mother.

2. Your prettiest friend.

3. Your most repulsive suitor.

Discount percentage

1. Do not believe even half of what a man says in a special bar where single men and women meet.

2. Do not believe anything that a man exclaims when he makes love.

How to meet more men on your way?

1. Learn to smoke, but never carry matches with you.

2. Slam the door of your apartment and run in front of the house in the sexiest negligee.

3. Shop for menswear, sporting goods, radios, computers, car parts, and any stores ahead of Mother's Day.

4. Plant trees in front of your house for men who walk their dogs. If you're already desperate, install a fire hydrant.

How to behave on dates?

1. If your profile looks better on the right than on the left, insist that you drive.

2. If you are sloppy at the table, order food to match the color of your outfit - or choose something that creates a beautiful contrast.

3. Present him for Christmas with an electronic digital clock that alternately displays the time and your phone number.

Dangerous signs during dating

1. In his home medicine cabinet: a contraceptive cap and gel.

2. On his stereo equipment: "Bolero" (This refers to the most famous piece by the French composer Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), which has a very passionate, even erotic character).

3. On his bedside table: a book by the Marquis de Sade.

Catch 22

(This refers to the grotesque-fantastic novel "Catch-22" (1961) by the American writer Joseph Heller (born in 1923), which satirically describes how the military-bureaucratic machine destroys morality. The absurdity of army life is presented in it through the prism an absurd legal gimmick, which is designed to prevent pilots from dodging the bombing of civilian objects with the help of complaints of imaginary insanity.In the paragraph 22 of the corresponding instruction created for this, it is said that any pilot who is intelligent enough to want to stay on Earth is already cannot be considered insane and, therefore, for health reasons, it is completely suitable for combat missions.)

Chase him until he catches you.


If you catch him first, then immediately throw him back.

Where are these "good men"?

1. If you are single, all "good men" are married.

2. If you are married, all "good men" are single.

3. If you are over 65, all "good men" have died.

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