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Meaning of the name

Ignat translated from Latin means "fiery".


Ignat sounds sharp and short, like a dry blow of a whip. This brevity is even more evident in the western regions, where the name occurs in a slightly different form - Gnat. Undoubtedly, such a strong, and besides, a rare name can have a great influence on its bearer.

Usually a person named Ignat has a strong-willed, firm and decisive character. In addition, the general energy can contribute to the development of Ignat's self-confidence and reticence.

The latter quality pretty much insures against many dangerous situations in which Ignat, who is striving for leadership, would find himself much more often if he were not used to saying little, but weighty. Here, the opposite happens, and in most cases his restrained laconic speech evokes respect from others and emphasizes his courage.

In other words, Ignat has all the makings for becoming himself, if not as a leader, then as a self-valuable person. His pride is very rarely painful, but he knows how to stand up for himself. Of course, a person with such a character can pave his way in life, make an excellent career, but often the matter is complicated by Ignat's excessive firmness and seriousness.

The trouble is that quite courageously restraining his emotions, Ignat does not know how to soften them with the help of humor, and these emotions, locked in the soul, often acquire the character of passions. This can seriously darken the life of any person.

at times Ignat begins to look rather gloomy, and at such moments he is especially proud, and sometimes the slightest spark is enough for the suppressed negative emotions to splash out in a short but powerful explosion. It also happens that chronic insomnia or other nervous disorders are the result of long-term internal stress.

It is most favorable if Ignat manages to soften his character somewhat and, instead of hiding his displeasure, learns to smooth it out with good humor. Same. by the way, it will help him to become more open with close people, which will give Ignat the necessary warmth and understanding to family relations.

Ignat is wayward. Seemingly simple and ingenuous, he can puzzle a friend with an attempt at blackmail, although still innocent. Somewhat impudent. Teachers respect him for his erudition and erudition. Comrades dislike for greed and desire to lead everyone. He is a capable person and shows his abilities in all areas. But he will not work with inspiration - only from call to call, or maybe he will try to blame his work on others.

At home he breeds various fish, parrots, hamsters, turtles, but he is not averse to selling them profitably. Likes to read historical novels. Requires unquestioning obedience from children, can spank a naughty child.

Blinded by passion, Ignat is quite capable of resorting to violence, and in a state of jealousy he behaves abruptly, regardless of circumstances. Stormy temperament and emotionality are periodically replaced by isolation and sullenness, and then he can grumble for hours on an insignificant reason, for example, because of an unsewn button.

He is in love, but the violently flashing feeling quickly dies out, and prudence takes over. In any case, it rarely comes to divorce, because Ignat does not like drastic changes in his life.

As a leader in the family, he is intolerant of any attempt to deprive him of this role. At the same time, he does not see anything shameful in making himself breakfast or ironing his shirt. Drinks in moderation. Lover of a hearty meal. For his good attitude towards his wife's parents, there are often selfish considerations.


Ignat is very practical, he can benefit from every connection. Impulsive, has a developed imagination, addicting nature. With a woman he likes, he can spend a day in bed. And if the partner is also gentle and affectionate, then his attraction to her increases with each meeting.

Sentimental, inclined to remember the most sexual partner, to compare her with the next. Demanding in intimate relationships, he is annoyed by intractable and rebellious women, he is a leader in sex and does not tolerate objections.

Ignat is sexually active, the most suitable partner for him will be a "winter" woman. He needs her support, he is inventive in the technique of sex, loves to experiment, and the partner must be ready for anything. Ignat seeks to prove to his girlfriend that he is a real man, to win her authority.

After intercourse, he likes to philosophize on intimate topics, to find out the partner's opinion about her sexual capabilities. With pleasure he perceives admiration in his address, he himself is generous in praise.

Ignat is very sexy and does not hide it. The girlfriend chooses temperamental, easily excitable. In sex, the age characteristics of the partner are important for him, a too young woman cannot completely satisfy him. The devotion and affection of a woman is as important to him as the technique of sex.

Ignat does not want to burden himself with fears that his girlfriend might cheat on him, which is the worst thing for him. It hurts his pride, makes him suffer. He allows himself to have a young partner only in adulthood, being already married. Then his fears of losing her are significantly reduced, and if she leaves him, he perceives it as inevitable. He will never go for divorce.


Ash gray.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Ignat gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple.

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