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Meaning of the name

Isabella is Latin for "pretty woman".


Isabella has been very stubborn and obstinate since childhood. She is distinguished by boyish courage, intelligent, cunning, but kind and sympathetic. Mutual understanding with parents to Isabella comes in adolescence.

Isabella prefers friendship with boys, often takes a leadership position in a boy's company. Despite her rude boyish habits, she is charming, plastic, loves to dance, somewhat flirtatious.

Isabella is lazy in relation to her studies, she tries in every possible way to avoid classes at school. For this, she is even ready to get really sick. Isabella usually graduates from higher education, but after that she finds work in a completely different industry.

Isabella can work as an actress, hairdresser, stylist, seamstress, fashion designer, and, having excellent command of several foreign languages, successfully makes a career as a translator or teacher in this field.

Isabella, born in winter, is usually an extremely quarrelsome, impulsive nature, which makes everything in her life go awry. However, she does not seek to correct the mistakes made, she believes that she is always right.

In marriage, Isabella calms down somewhat, she becomes a wonderful wife and an exemplary hostess. But wars with her mother-in-law ruin the idyll of her almost perfect marriage.


Isabella in love and sex is sentimental, sensitive, romantic. She rushes headlong into love. Isabella prefers strong men both physically and in character. She loves to control them during intimacy, it gives her true pleasure to be the mistress of the situation.

Isabella is sometimes too frank in sex, which frightens off some men who are not used to such manifestations of female love. Isabella never cares about norms and prohibitions, she is completely free in her attitude to sex.

Has an increased sexual temperament, is able to bring a man to a state of ecstasy. Isabella loves to study erotic literature, loves to talk with men about sex, but relies more on her experience.

Isabella, born in summer, is usually a passively submissive type of woman. Her ideal is a "strong man" to whom she gladly obeys. In love games, she prefers strength, aggressiveness. Isabella is a little nervous, indecisive.

The intimate life of Isabella, born in the fall, is not easy, she goes through a series of disappointments before finding her soul mate.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Isabella gives the impression of something big, loud, beautiful.

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