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Meaning of the name

Lime in translation from Lithuanian means "happiness", "luck".


In childhood, little Lyme is stubborn, restless, often sick. Outwardly it resembles a mother, but in character it is all like a father. Growing up, she becomes calmer and more balanced, extremely efficient, optimistic. It is best if she studies in the second shift both at school and at the university, since her peak of working capacity falls on the evening.

Do not expect that she will greet the dawn with you, admiring the tints of the morning dawn (although her romantic soul will certainly appreciate the beauty of what is happening), but a walk under the moonlight is very much to her liking.

Lyme is distinguished by enviable dedication and hard work. Always achieves the set goal. She is impulsive and energetic, creative nature, endowed with many abilities. She achieves success in any field of activity, if only the work allows her to show her talents and creativity to the greatest extent.

She is a good housewife, keeps her house perfectly clean, loves and knows how to cook. But the frugal attitude to money is not characteristic of Lyme - she is somewhat wasteful and uneconomical, which can sometimes cause temporary problems with money.

However, such difficulties are short-term, since Lyme's employee is good, the bosses are in good standing, and, having learned about her difficulties, the boss will not refuse to issue an advance a week earlier or a bonus for good work.



Lime has a good taste, loves to dress beautifully and original, does not neglect cosmetics. She has many fans, however, she is too picky in choosing a partner, subjects the chosen one to many tests and checks.

Having married, she demands unquestioning obedience from her husband, which few people will like. Such a position often leads to disagreements and constant clarification of the question "who is the boss in the house."

A man with a soft and compliant character is such a life friend to his liking, but only Lyme herself tries to choose a husband with an unbending will, as direct as herself. And in such a family the question is "who will win?" rises almost daily, giving rise to conflicts and scandals.

But if the spouses learn to yield to each other, then such an alliance will be extremely strong and productive, since there are no obstacles that two volitional natures could not overcome!



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio and Aries.


The sound of the name Lyme gives the impression of something good, safe, majestic, loud, powerful, bright.

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