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Murphy's Law

If something bad can happen, it will certainly happen.


1. Nothing is as simple as it seems at first.

2. Any business takes longer than you thought.

3. Of all the possible troubles, the one that will cause the greatest harm will occur.

4. If in some procedure you foresee four possible troubles and successfully prevent them, the fifth quickly appears.

5. When things are left to chance, they tend to go from bad to worse.

6. Whenever you are determined to do something, it turns out that you need to do something else first.

7. Each solution creates new problems.

8. It is impossible to protect everything from a fool - after all, fools are so inventive!

9. Mother Nature is worse than a stepmother.

Farnsdieck's Corollary

After things have gone from bad to worse, the whole cycle will repeat itself from the beginning.

Benedict's law

Nature is always on the side of hidden vice.

Chisholm's second law

People around will evaluate any suggestions in a completely different way from the author's understanding.

Sodd's first law

If a person wants to do some work, someone (or something) will unconsciously interfere with him. Nevertheless, some tasks are still performed, because the one who interferes with their implementation is also doing his job, therefore, in turn, falls under the influence of this law.

Second Sodd's Law

Sooner or later, the worst is bound to happen.


Any system must be designed with the worst possible outcome in mind.

Simon's Law

Everything that is connected sooner or later falls apart.

Complaining Lofts

No one can improve what he has done earlier.

Frotingham's law

Urgency is always inversely proportional to importance.

Rudin's law

In times of crises that force people to choose one of several alternative behaviors, most make the worst possible choice.

Murphy's Law in Thermodynamics

Things get worse under pressure.

Padder's laws.

1. Anything that starts well ends badly.

2. Anything that starts badly ends worse.

Schnatterly's Summary of All Implications of Murphy's Law

If something bad cannot happen, it will certainly happen.

Silverman's paradox

If anything bad can happen to Murphy's Law, it will certainly happen.

Generalized Murphy's Law

If a series of events go wrong, they will happen in the worst possible sequence.

Generalization of Gattuso

Nothing is so bad that it can't get worse.

Nagler's note on Murphy's origins

Murphy's Law was not formulated by Murphy himself, but by a completely different person - his namesake.

Cohn's Corollary

Two nasty things are just the beginning.

O'Toole's commentary

Murphy was optimistic.

Maachs law

Once things are going well, they may well go abnormal.

Murphy's uncertainty principle

It can be argued that some things are going wrong, only after you have made a large, and, moreover, an odd number of mistakes.

Tussman's Law

There is nothing more inevitable than a mistake that has come.

The erroneously quoted statement by G.L. Mencken

For complex problems, there are simple and easy to understand wrong solutions.

Ducharme's law

Opportunity always turns up at the most inopportune moment.

Murphy's Law of Time and Action

It is never known how soon it will be too late.

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