Male Lithuanian names

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Azuolas - oak
Aljimantas - rich

Algis is rich
Andrius - man, warrior
Antanas - invaluable
Arnas - Lord of the Eagle
Augustas - venerable
Augustinas - venerable

Bronislavas is a great defender
Bronius is a great defender

Victoras - conquer, victory
Vilhelmas - helmet
Vincentas the conqueror
Virgilius - bearer
Vytautas - the leader of the people

Giedrius - serene
Gintaras - amber

Jonas is a good god
Yozas - he will increase
Yozapas - it will increase

Kazimieras is a famous speaker
Karolis is a man

Leonas - lion
Linas - linen
Ludwikas is a famous warrior

Marius - man, mature
Mykolas - who is like a god?

Paulus - small
Pranciskus - free
Petras - rock, stone

Raymondas is a wise defender
Remunas - calm

Steponas - crown

Thomas is a twin

Henrikas - housekeeper

Jurgis - a peasant
Justinas - fair

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