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Meaning of the name

Maya translated from ancient Indian means "mother", "nurse".


Little Maya easily adapts to different life circumstances. She is cunning, but she will never do meanness. If Maya needs something - she will be a good girl, having received what she wants - she becomes indifferent and inattentive.

Parents do not cherish a soul in her and often free their beloved from all household chores, as a result of which their daughter experiences some difficulties at school, since she is not accustomed to hard, persistent work.

Maya studies well, especially if the teacher is gentle, caring, does not forget to praise her from time to time. If the teacher is authoritarian, strict and demanding, Maya may completely lose interest in learning. In the class, Maya strives for leadership, is overly categorical in judgments.

Adult Maya has a strong will, somewhat masculine character, stubborn and stubborn, knows how to achieve the goal set for herself. Moving up the career ladder, he never uses flattery, meanness and deception, achieves success with his work and mind.

Maya can become an excellent leader, maintains iron discipline in the team entrusted to her, she is equally demanding and attentive to all subordinates. Her business is booming. Maya is able to achieve success in any business she chooses.


Maya is very mobile and sociable, easily carried away, she has many admirers. She is not too affectionate, a man who expects warmth, softness from a woman will not be easy with Maya. Extremely sexy, not every man is able to satisfy her.

If Mayai does not receive the expected pleasure from the intimacy, she is able to immediately express her complaints to the man. In bed, she tries to satisfy her own desires, the feelings and desires of her partner do not interest her. She is very jealous, can make a scene for her spouse in the presence of friends and relatives.

Born in winter, Maya is spontaneous and spontaneous in sex, she loves long erotic games, loves when her partner admires her during intimacy, telling him what passion she causes in him.

Imposes his style of behavior on a man, does not tolerate aggressiveness. Her inner strength, the ability to introduce elements of novelty, initiative, play style of sexual behavior into intimate relationships are very popular with many men.

Maya, born in summer, chooses a partner for a long time and in detail, she is not so spontaneous, she doubts everything. As a result of too long hesitation, she can choose not the best option, so her first marriage is often unhappy.

Having married, Maya changes little - she is also windy, stubborn and flirtatious. She will bring a lot of trouble to a jealous spouse. Maya loves to surround herself with beautiful things, on the purchase of which she can spend all her savings.

She can get along with her mother-in-law only if their relationship is built on mutual respect. Any attempts to "re-educate" her in her own way are hostile to her.


Raspberry, lemon yellow.

A rock

Jadeite, topaz.

Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus.


The word Maya gives the impression of something good, safe, powerful.

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