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Meaning of the name

Marina translated from Latin means "sea".


Since childhood, Marina has been distinguished by arrogance, her relationship with her parents is not easy, since the girl is quite despotic, tries to subjugate her relatives, it is difficult to educate, but if she meets a person with a stronger will, she can completely fall under his influence.

Marina is susceptible to diseases of the upper respiratory tract, she has a weak nervous system. Growing up, Marina learns to subordinate emotions to reason, so everything that concerns her personal fate, she does it deliberately and prudently.

At school, she is distinguished by relaxedness, intelligence, has a cheerful disposition and developed self-esteem. He speaks the truth in the face, does not tolerate lies and betrayal.

The adult Marina changes little - she is practical to the point of commercialism, a calculating, but not stingy, prudent, strong and strong-willed woman is often in good standing with her superiors, respected by her colleagues at work. Often chooses the profession of a nurse, doctor, telephone operator, engineer, hairdresser, actress.

Marina begins to experience sexual attraction very early, has many admirers during her school years, is surrounded by adorers to a ripe old age, and this does not depend at all on Marina's external data.

Marina is quite agreeable, but jealous and does not forgive betrayal, without hesitation she will leave her husband convicted of infidelity, even at the risk of being left penniless. However, she knows how to earn money, so Marina is not in danger of poverty.

Her first marriage is difficult, since a woman with this name is fickle and impulsive, she is able to arrange a scene of jealousy for her husband in the presence of strangers. But if Marina's husband has a calm, compliant character and does not forget to admire his wife from time to time, this union will be long-lasting and happy. It is best for the spouses to live separately, since Marina's relationship with her mother-in-law is rarely good.

The character traits of this woman are in a certain dependence on when exactly Marina was born. "Winter" is the most unbalanced and loving. Born in the spring - romantic, mysterious woman. Chooses work mainly in the service sector. Born in summer, she is extremely seductive, "heartbreaker". Marina, born in autumn, is distinguished by the most calm and complaisant character.

Marina is a good hostess, an unsurpassed culinary specialist. Loves children, but in upbringing shows some inconstancy.


Sex for Marina is both a means of satisfying love passion, and a way of self-expression and self-affirmation, getting rid of complexes. She adores handsome, strong, charming men.

Her passion flares up quickly, Marina is able to surrender to the man she likes on the very first evening after meeting, while she can be guided by both tender feelings and physical passion.

Able to achieve satisfaction in intimacy without even feeling love for a partner. Without passion, life seems to Marina colorless, she is going through hard loneliness, but such periods in the life of this sexy and attractive woman are extremely rare.

Marina, born in winter, is very active in sex and excitable, sensitive and demanding. Sex for her is one of the most significant parts of her life. When choosing a future spouse, she pays attention primarily to his temperament, and if a man does not show sufficient activity in bed, she mercilessly breaks up with him.

Born in the fall, Marina rarely achieves complete satisfaction in a love relationship. She is demanding, knows her own worth and wants to get what she deserves. She loves variety in love games and emotional experiences, her relationship with a partner is always full of passion and originality, fantasy and novelty.

Marina's relationship with her partner is somewhat superficial, so she sometimes feels lonely during love games, even reaching physical satisfaction.


Sea waves.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Taurus.


The word Marina gives the impression of something good, powerful.

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