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Meaning of the name

Muse translated from Greek means "inspirer". In ancient Greek mythology, Muse is one of the nine goddesses, patrons of arts and science.


Little Muse is more attached to her father than to her mother. In childhood, he is often sick, is emotional and stubborn. She is brave, a great inventor, loves to read scary stories, and is mostly friends with boys. She is a leader at school and has many friends who enjoy her patronage.

The adult Muse does not lose the desire for leadership, therefore, most often she seeks to take a leadership position or chooses a profession that, to some extent, involves leadership over people, a dominant position.

Muse Possesses a well-developed intellect, a good worker, obligatory, prudent, perhaps too pragmatic and down-to-earth, but this does not hinder her career growth.

She knows how to achieve her goal, she is sociable and friendly - the doors of her house are always open for friends, she will not refuse help and support.


The muse demonstrates great taste in everything, she loves and knows how to dress beautifully, well-read, musically gifted - in a word, this woman has everything, and this drives men crazy.

With a partner, Muse behaves easily and naturally, can easily achieve satisfaction, in sex shows imagination and ingenuity, loves to take the initiative into her own hands, knows how to please herself and her partner, is not jealous.

Having married, Muse becomes an excellent housewife - she is economical and housewife, cooks well, loves children and easily gets along with her mother-in-law. The muse is judicious, knows how to bypass sharp corners, smooth out the roughness of family life.

It is difficult only for those born in winter because of obstinacy and the habit of arguing over trifles. Muse's marriage is most often successful, only the first marriage of those born in the summer often turns out to be short-lived. The muse loves pets, especially dogs.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Pisces.


The word Muse gives the impression of something courageous, cold, powerful, big.

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