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Meaning of the name

Oksana in translation from ancient Greek means "foreigner", "guest".


Little Oksanochka is a cheerful and inventive girl. She is affable, friendly, non-conflicting, resistant to stress, easily adapting to changes in the environment. He tries not to offend anyone, but he will not give himself offense either.

Oksana usually studies well, has many friends and girlfriends. After graduating from school, she tries to enter a university, as she understands that education is necessary in life.

Adult Oksana is a strong, active, decisive, principled, straightforward, sociable, resourceful woman. Her willpower can only be envied, and her resistance to various kinds of stress and life failures is simply amazing.

Nothing will make Oksana give up her beliefs or fall into depression, and if she made up her opinion about something or someone, it is simply impossible to convince her. Maybe, in words, she will agree with you, but deep down she will remain with her opinion.

Before making a decision, he weighs the pros and cons for a long time, thinks over the options for completing the assigned task. She is not prone to self-criticism, is somewhat eccentric, sometimes she is simply not able to accurately and correctly assess her actions and mistakes.

She blames others for the failures that fall on her or believes that she was simply unlucky. Shows perseverance and determination in overcoming obstacles and solving life problems. She almost always succeeds.

Oksana prefers "male" professions, for example, geologist, design engineer, sea captain, and achieves great success in business and finance.

Having married, she manifests herself as an economical prudent, somewhat stingy housewife, a caring and loving mother. She does not get along with her mother-in-law, she constantly tries to "remake" her husband's character, but this one she rarely succeeds.

Oksana does not really like to do household chores, but her house is always perfectly clean, everything is in its place, in the field of cooking she is an unsurpassed master.


Oksana is very beautiful and sexy, although outwardly cold and restrained. She is smart, proud, persistent in achieving goals, knows about her merits and wants to get what she deserves from life.

Unfortunately, Oksana makes too high demands on her partner, is capricious and intractable, so she rarely feels satisfied in love.

It is quite difficult to conquer her, Oksana is not one of those who, after a short acquaintance, makes sexual contact. To achieve satisfaction in intimacy, she must know the man well, get used to him.

In addition, the date should take place without interference, since any extraneous sound or unpleasant smell can completely deprive her of an erotic mood. Oksana is unlikely to agree to intimacy in an unusual environment for her, she will prefer home comfort.

In bed, Oksana likes to take the initiative and will not let her partner lead her. She loves long love games. In sex, she is quite sophisticated and literate, she constantly increases her awareness in this area, carefully listening to the stories of friends on this topic or studying erotic literature.

She prefers gentle men who unconditionally accept her erotic program. Discussing the most intimate topics for her is in the order of things. To achieve complete sexual satisfaction, she must trust her partner.

Monogamous, jealous, does not forgive betrayal. If he receives enough evidence of the partner's infidelity, he will part with him without regret.


Silvery gray, piercing hot pink, a combination of shiny yellow and brick red.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Oksana gives the impression of something courageous, big, majestic, good, simple, loud, round, powerful.

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