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Meaning of the name

Olympiada translated from Greek means "daughter of Olympus".


As a child, Olympias gives the impression of being docile and meek, but she is meek only at first glance. She is extremely curious and impatient, capricious and loud.

With crying, whims and persistent requests, she is able to force anyone to fulfill her desire, she will always be able to persuade her parents to buy her a new doll, take her to the circus, or allow her to walk for another hour or two.

At school he is not one of the most disciplined children, but he studies well, he can enroll in several circles and sections at the same time and, to the surprise of classmates, have time to attend all the classes in selected sections. Has a wide range of interests.

The adult Olympiada is curious and cunning, she will not miss her. She is extremely attentive, not a single trifle escapes her gaze. She can master any profession, changing the type of activity is not difficult for her, it costs nothing to retrain the Olympics, since her mind is flexible, her thinking is extraordinary.

She is active, she can carry out any assignment with a breathtaking speed, she can bring even the most fantastic plans to life. However, she is impatient, wants to get everything out of life at once - and as soon as possible, because in matters where the ability to wait is important and endurance can fail. Often annoyed over trifles.

She is smart and kind, forgives others for minor mistakes, indulgent to their shortcomings. Most often he chooses a profession in the field of trade, small business or law.

The health of the Olympics is by nature strong, but with age, the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system make themselves felt. This woman is more likely to be overweight.


The Olympics are passionate and sexy, bright and attractive, sociable and active, but not at all romantic. Therefore, a man who wants to win her heart should choose gifts that are not only expensive and beautiful, but also practical.

In bed, Olympias is not too demanding, prefers men with an average temperament, prefers equality in love games, foreplay gives her the greatest pleasure, it is the long-term caresses of her partner that will help her to loosen up and achieve complete sexual satisfaction.

Having succumbed to an impulse of passion, she may agree to intimacy with a man who does not fully meet her high requirements, but as soon as a more suitable candidate appears on the horizon, she will mercilessly break off the relationship.

This woman, firmly standing on the ground, chooses a partner who is experienced in all spheres of life, occupies a high position in society, and is financially secure. She is able to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, cooks perfectly, with inexhaustible energy and patience helps her husband in all his endeavors.

Jealous, having caught a spouse of infidelity, will most likely arrange for him a loud scandal with tears and breaking dishes, but will not file for divorce - he will prefer to fight for his love, since he values ​​constancy. She pays a lot of attention to raising children.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Gemini, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Olympiada gives the impression of something safe, kind.

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