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Gerasimovichs are a type of cheerful, lively and active man. However, their energy is often directed in a negative direction - they can noisily and stubbornly argue about anything for hours, are prone to quarrels and clashes.

Gerasimovichs have an excellent sense of humor, so they are often the focus of the company. They love jokes and practical jokes, usually kind. They adore music, love to play the guitar, accordion, are an inexhaustible source of their own and simply popular songs.

These men are not offended, but they can react inadequately to this - start a quarrel or even deliberately irritate the opponent with their actions. The owners of this middle name are alien to career aspirations, they already have enough of the fact that they are constantly in the spotlight.

They love to craft, the houses of the Gerasimovichs are full of furniture, devices, made with their own hands. They prefer to spend their weekends in nature - in the country or even on a camping trip.

Naturally, these men are adored by women, of course! Accordingly, from their youth, a train of hobbies and love victories stretches behind them. And only, satiated with female attention, at a more mature age, the Gerasimovichs marry, carefully choosing a life partner for themselves. They prefer calm, economic wives who will not interfere with their realization.

The Gerasimovichs build relations on an equal footing, preferring to resolve all issues with their spouse through equal discussion, rather than pressure. These are excellent parents for their children who love to tinker with kids and teach their heirs some important and necessary business.

The owners of this patronymic can never be dependent people. Independence is first of all for them.

The Gerasimovna easily equip their comfort, their home, it is not difficult for them to hammer in a nail and, in general, do some kind of male work. It is easier for her to do it herself than to wait for outside help.

These women love to argue, you can even say that they are trying to challenge any decision or proposal. The Gerasimovna always find it extremely difficult to agree with the point of view of other people, but at the same time they are completely innocent, even responsive.

They are great friends who appreciate the trust placed in them, who will always help those in trouble.

Gerasimovna are usually bright and noticeable women who are in the center of attention. They easily carry with them, ignite with their ideas. The owners of this middle name often realize themselves in the theater, cinema. They have a well-trained voice, diction, they love to sing. Sports can be another hobby for these women.

At work, they are distinguished by composure, responsibility and organization. Thanks to these qualities, Gerasimovna often reach leadership positions.

They prefer to take marriage seriously, choosing a partner for a long time and meticulously, always guided by feelings, and not mercantile interests. And usually they are not mistaken in their choice.

They are jealous, but they keep themselves in control, and it is very difficult for them to experience male infidelity, but they can forgive their husband. However, their pride will not allow them to endure this repeatedly.

After a divorce, they usually do not marry and are engaged in a career and children.


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