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These men have a complex character, different origins fight in them and win one thing or another. Outwardly, they cease to be calm, balanced people, although serious passions can be played out in the depths of their souls.

Men born in winter are especially emotional. Filipovichi pay attention to everything that happens around them, to people, events. These people prefer not to talk about their plans, in general they are not talkative, but at the same time they are excellent listeners.

Winter-born owners of this patronymic are prone to deep analysis, these men are hardworking, feel confident even in critical situations.

Such Filippovichs play chess well - this is their element. Usually they get married twice, does not like to travel, as a big stay-at-home.

Born in the fall, they are very serious and collected. Such men are successful in politics and social activities.

"Spring" men are very gullible towards people, they are easily deceived. Their talent is the ability to judge the disputing parties, and therefore they are called upon to resolve conflicts. These men love to relax in nature.

Filippovichi, born in summer, are very career-driven. Money is everything to him. Because of this, there are problems and quarrels in the family.

These women are very emotional, their actions are dictated not by logic, but by emotions, which leads to rash actions and unnecessary consequences.

With people Filippovna converges hard, in fact, due to their self-sufficiency, they consider themselves whole, therefore, they do not really need friends.

These women are very independent, they solve their problems themselves, trying not to resort to help or advice from outside. The team tries to stay on their own, without joining groups and avoiding conflicts.

It is interesting to communicate with these women, they are smart interlocutors, very charming. Men are keenly interested in these ladies, as they are spectacular, sensual, a little mysterious.

Filippovna, born in winter, are less impulsive. Such women like to plan their lives, avoiding accidents.

They like to have a rest, like all owners of such a middle name, at home, doing embroidery, watching TV or reading. These women are very amorous, however, their intrigues rarely develop into a serious relationship.

Women born in the fall, very quarrelsome, in a team constantly quarrel and swear. As a leader, these Filippovna find fault with their employees, although she cannot be denied decisiveness in critical situations.

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