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It's not easy with the Nikolaevichs. They are hot-tempered, impulsive, stubborn. At the same time, they are excellent specialists, for whom any business is argued: no matter what they undertake, they will bring everything to the end. They are not careerists by nature, but it is the Nikolaevichs who prevail among high-ranking leaders.

Sometimes they are too straightforward, they do not know how to bypass sharp corners. Listening to someone else's opinion, they still do everything their own way. With a very developed sense of self-esteem. They are ambitious in a good way.

Nikolaevichs often work in the same place for many years. They advance very slowly in the service, or even do not receive a promotion at all, because they try to catch the eye of their superiors as little as possible.

In extreme situations, they act decisively and quickly. The Nikolaevichs are thrifty and tidy, prefer good-quality, comfortable clothes and wear them for a long time. Punctual. These are inveterate fans, and they themselves are not alien to sports.

Nikolaevichs love noisy companies, go to visit and receive guests with pleasure. Often these men gather in their many friends and acquaintances, they love to drink in their company. They are talkative, sometimes they like to boast.

Their weakness is their indifference to alcohol, especially for winter men. In a state of intoxication, they can behave aggressively.

Nikolaevichs enjoy great success with women, but they try not to bind themselves with their family. If they do marry, it is often unsuccessful. Nikolaevich is nervous, vulnerable men, so they prefer soft and kind women.

They are delicate and caring with their wives, but they love to be courted by them too. They easily find a common language with children, especially small ones.

Women with the patronymic Nikolaevna are emotional and unbalanced natures. It is very difficult to please them, they are always unhappy with everything, grumble about and without reason.

Always prove their point. Hardworking, stubborn and persistent. They strive to be leaders in the team, play the role of a fighter for justice.

They have a masculine character, outwardly they look like fathers. Punctual and responsible, but prone to stress. Many of them cannot find mutual understanding with their own mother.

In search of a suitable partner, they don't get married for a long time. Quite good housewives, they sew, knit. They try to rule in the family.

Somewhat exalted and scandalous. More often they have sons. They are sociable, they prefer male to female society. They love to live in grand style.

They are independent and value themselves very highly. Despite the setbacks in personal life, people are treated with warmth and understanding.

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