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Men with the patronymic Svyatoslavovich are distinguished by their energetic, perky and even infectious approach to any business. Such people love to attract the attention of others, always try to keep abreast of major events and take an active part in public life.

The Svyatoslavovichs like to express their opinion, which they consider to be the only correct one, and even argue, trying to persuade the opponent to their side. Svyatoslavovich has many friends, they value his optimism and loyalty, his desire to be the first to come to the rescue and, if possible, support him in difficult times.

Work plays an important role in the lives of these men, although the search for oneself and one's vocation in life can take Svyatoslavovich a lot of time. Despite the golden hands and the ability to master almost any profession, a person of this kind of character will not cling to something that he is not really interested in.

The Svyatoslavich people like everything new and unknown, they read a lot, attend various circles and trainings. But such a passion for change does not always provide an opportunity to make a career, since Svyatoslavovich does not stay in one place for a long time.

Personal life is difficult, because men like Svyatoslavovichi love to sort out and search, but when they get married, they do not always find time to pay attention to their wife and children.

Women with the patronymic Svyatoslavovna are proud and independent, and a slight arrogance, one might say, repels those around her. People of such a temperament as Svyatoslavovna never act recklessly and do not make important decisions, being ruled by emotions, they prefer to weigh everything and, if possible, even calculate.

With an analytical mindset and a firm, cold mind, these women are able to see the situation several steps ahead. Of course, such coldness scares people a little, although in the depths of her soul Svyatoslavovna is vulnerable and sensitive, but she does not like to show others her weakness.

External attractiveness and bright appearance, plus wit and well-readness make her interesting for the opposite sex, and women, on the contrary, see her as a rival, therefore, as a rule, Svyatoslavovna communicates mainly with men.

In her work, she shows herself as a hardworking, serious and competent employee, for which her superiors appreciate and encourage her.

For Svyatoslavovna, an important part of life is the family, after getting married, she tries to devote a lot of time to her home, husband and children, cooks well and makes sure that her relatives do not need anything.

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