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These men are great romantics and dreamers who constantly build their castles in the air. Offer them to implement any of their interesting and original ideas - they will gladly agree, get down to business and ... And they will stop, since they are not at all adapted to practical life and do not know where to start.

The Yulievichs often make unrealistic promises, they swear at themselves for this, but they cannot help themselves. These men prefer to surrender to the will of circumstances, rather than fight and sail against the wind.

The best work for them is the one where they do not need to show initiative, where everything is laid out in steps and is very clear. A career is also not for them, because they are weak-willed and weak-willed.

The Yulievichs are egoists, they fulfill their whims without thinking about the consequences. They are ready to spend a lot of money on food and their comfort, without thinking about other aspects of the budget. Yulievich can throw himself a feast, but forget to pay the debt or go on a trip, abandoning all his affairs.

Although these people show themselves well in the role of husbands - they help with the housework, take care of children, the Yulievichs often cannot find themselves in marriage, entering into it several times.

Women with such a patronymic give the impression of a kind of "meek sheep" - quiet, calm and harmless. However, in reality, a person who is self-confident, purposeful and decisive is hiding inside them.

The Yulievna always achieve what they are aiming for. To do this, they do not need to go head-on, because there are many roundabout ways, while these women easily use other people for their own purposes, unnoticed by themselves.

These women easily motivate people to take the right action. In their work, Yulievna use their talents with might and main to achieve career heights, because they are so ambitious.

These women believe that it never hurts to have useful contacts, although she does have real friends. When planning their lives, the owners of this patronymic do not forget about personal happiness. They always have fans and, accordingly, options for choosing a spouse.

These women are bright, interesting, they have a good sense of taste and in the company they will have the most fashionable outfit. Yulievna successfully marry, divorce is extremely rare for them.

Although they are not bad housewives, their work is still in the first place. These women like to rest away from home, traveling or agreeing to long business trips.

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