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Men with the patronymic Valentinovich are distinguished by their great stubbornness, perseverance and firmness of their convictions. They can do a lot, because they are responsible, hardworking people prone to analysis.

Valentinovichs prefer to calculate all possible options, try to foresee the outcome of an event, as they do not like to make mistakes and fail as a result. These are not closed men, but it is rather difficult to get along with people, therefore they do not have many close friends.

Valentinovichs do not tolerate pressure from anyone, so at work they strive to be heads themselves, and in family life they want to be the head of the family. However, they do not always succeed, since they often choose powerful women as wives, because of which the marriage may fall apart.

At the same time, they are talented, extraordinary personalities, they are well-read and educated, which, undoubtedly, are able to interest and attract attention from the opposite sex.

They prefer to spend their free time at home watching TV, reading a book or watching their favorite movie.

Women with such a patronymic are far from simple persons, they grow up capricious, spoiled from childhood, they do not know any refusal, which affects the formation of their character and not from the best side.

Valentinovna are mobile, emotional, but at the same time, they are lazy enough, they can quit what they started halfway and not finish the job. Often they are scattered over trifles, never taking up serious work.

These women can be called restrained and tactful, but in most cases they behave this way only in the circle of strangers, and in relation to loved ones they allow themselves harsh statements and unrestrained behavior.

Valentinovna has another not the best trait - it is a tendency to lie and deception, which makes them unreliable people who are difficult to trust. But in general, these are bright, interesting, beautiful persons, their mischievous nature attracts men, with whom the Valentinovna find a common language faster and easier than with women.

They get married early and, as a rule, this happens out of great love, but the marriage is not always successful.

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